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Google Cloud Next ‘19: Welcome to the future of digital transformation

April 9, 2019
Thomas Kurian

CEO, Google Cloud

We are thrilled to be in San Francisco this morning with more than 30,000 customers and partners at Google Cloud Next ‘19. We’re ready to welcome everyone—whether you’re just beginning your career as a developer or you are leading your company’s digital strategy from the C-suite. We can’t wait to share our very best with you.

Over the past three months, I have spent time with hundreds of organizations who are all going through digital transformations. Hospitals are looking to deliver patient care in new ways, retailers need to integrate their online and offline experiences, financial services organizations are building new transaction platforms, and so many more. These conversations have strengthened our conviction that companies are looking for new solutions to accelerate their digital transformation in two ways: the need to lower costs and improve agility, and the need to open the door to new possibilities.

Google’s Cloud is helping thousands of organizations, including many of the world’s largest companies, transform themselves. Worldwide, if you look at the 10 largest companies in each industry, nine media companies, seven retailers, six energy and utility companies, and five of the top 10 banks, telecommunications companies, manufacturers, and software companies are using Google Cloud as part of their business transformation.

We are also very grateful to announce this morning many new customers across all of our key industries, including:

  • Healthcare: the American Cancer Society, BrightInsight, McKesson, and Virta Health
  • Financial Services: ANZ Bank and JP Morgan Chase
  • Media & Entertainment: DISH, National Geographic, Netmarble, Optus, Sprint, USA Today, Viacom, Windtre, Wix and WPP
  • Retail:  IKEA, Nestle, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Tyson Foods and Unilever
  • Manufacturing & Industrial: Bose, Enel, Renault, Samsung and UPS
  • Public Sector & Education: Australia Post, Department for Transport, GSA and Regione del Veneto, as well as Georgetown and UNC Chapel Hill

Google Cloud offers three important capabilities for digital transformation: First, high scale, highly secured and reliable infrastructure, including cutting edge compute, storage and networking, through many regions around the world. Second, a digital transformation platform to manage data at scale, develop and modernize applications, understand and analyze data, collaborate with people and take advantage of new AI capabilities in meaningful ways. Third, a suite of industry-specific solutions that deliver new digital capabilities in healthcare, retail, media and entertainment, and other industries.

This week, we are introducing many new advances in our technology, including:

  • Global-scale distributed infrastructure: We are introducing a new product called Anthos, that not only allows customers to deploy Google Cloud in their own data centers (Hybrid Cloud), but also gives them the flexibility to build, run and manage their workloads within their data center, on Google Cloud, or other cloud providers (Multi-Cloud) without making any changes. This simplified solution allows our customers to train their developers on one technology and be able to run, secure and manage workloads consistently across clouds. We are excited that partners including Cisco, Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo and VMware are offering joint solutions with us. We are also introducing many new advances: new regional expansion, faster and larger compute VMs, and great solutions to migrate and modernize enterprise workloads including Windows and SAP. In addition, we have a number of new product and operational capabilities being announced that build on our strengths in security, data privacy and availability.
  • Digital transformation platform: We offer a platform to manage data at scale, to develop and modernize applications, to find insights and make decisions from data, to take advantage of Google’s advances in AI and machine learning, and to collaborate with others. We recognize that platforms that succeed must offer customers choice and a broad ecosystem of partner offerings. One example of how we are supporting partners on our platform is the announcement we made this morning: an integrated Open Source Ecosystem, giving customers a platform of amazing open source technology, fully managed, with integrated billing and full support from Google. Unlike other cloud providers, we share our success with partners and foster the open source community; we grow as they grow. We are introducing many new offerings in this platform tomorrow, so stay tuned.
  • Industry-specific digital transformation solutions: Our digital transformation platform allows us and our partners to deliver a range of industry-specific solutions that solve complex business problems for the core industries we are focused on: Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Communications, Media & Entertainment, and Public Sector. Using Google’s advances in machine learning and AI, location and Maps, and Google Assistant just to name a few, we are delivering a number of smarter solutions to enable online experiences, eliminating time waiting for contact centers to respond, making supply chains more efficient and creating digital media catalogs that can be searched efficiently. We will be showcasing a number of those solutions tomorrow along with customers and partners.  

All of Google Cloud’s customers rely on our expertise and that of our strategic partners. Every customer I’ve met is glad to have such incredible technical expertise at their disposal, and we’re committed to substantially expanding the scale of our go-to-market teams in order to help more customers use our technology. To help make Google Cloud the best and easiest company for enterprises to do business with, we are introducing new enterprise-friendly pricing and subscription models, streamlined contractual terms and conditions, a global customer success program and new initiatives aimed at enabling partners and co-innovating with them.

Finally, we take our responsibility to earn and retain your trust in us as a foundational premise for our work. We start from the fundamental belief that Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers own their data and control how it is used. Your customer data is used to provide you with GCP services and to make them work better for you, and for no other purpose. Not advertising, not for anything else. Period.

Today, we are grateful for the thousands of customers and partners who are using Google Cloud to change the world. We are also thankful for the thousands of Googlers who truly care and work so hard every day to help make our customers successful. On behalf of all those Googlers, and all of our partners, it’s my privilege to welcome you to Google Cloud Next ‘19.

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