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Your Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir cheat sheet

July 20, 2020
Greg Wilson

Director, Developer Advocacy

I’ve attended every major Google Cloud event since I joined the company in 2014. These in-person events always featured extensive signage as well as visible staff members directing attendees and answering their questions. For obvious reasons, this year’s Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir event is online so guidance is limited to website navigation.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I frequently create cheat sheets and other quick reference content. The Next OnAir website has a LOT of content, making it easy to miss things. Hopefully this article will help to jumpstart your experience.

Here’s what you need to know:

The nine weeks of Next OnAir

Next OnAir is a nine-week event. Each week features content in a different category:

  • Week 1 - Jul 14 - Industry Insights
  • Week 2 - Jul 21 - Productivity and Collaboration
  • Week 3 - Jul 28 - Infrastructure
  • Week 4 - Aug 4 - Security
  • Week 5 - Aug 11 - Data Analytics
  • Week 6 - Aug 18 - Data Management and Databases
  • Week 7 - Aug 25 - Application Modernization
  • Week 8 - Sep 1 - Cloud AI
  • Week 9 - Sep 8 - Business Application Platform

Every week of Next OnAir follows the same pattern


  • Get your work done so you can free up time to binge this week’s content! :)


  • All of the current week’s session videos go live at 9AM PDT and remain online.

  • An online Q&A feature is available for each video from the time the video is published through Friday. Many Googlers are standing by to answer your questions.

  • Several demos have a similar Q&A feature. All of the demos are already live, but the Q&A period for each demo is only available during the week in which it is featured. For example, the Q&A feature for the demos in the Infrastructure category are only available during week 3.

  • Cloud Hero, our gamified hands-on labs, opens at 9AM and runs for 7 days.

  • 1:1 appointments with Experts are available Tuesday through Friday of the corresponding week.


  • Study Jams, our hands-on labs walk-throughs and certification webinars, start at 11:30AM PT


  • APAC-friendly Study Jams start at 11:30AM Singapore time (GMT+8).


  • Talks by DevRel (a series of technical talks by the developer relations team) start at 9AM PT and 11AM Singapore time (GMT+8). If you are in Japan, you’ll find more information here.


We have a lot of demos for you—all of which are already live. Demos are either interactive or video-based.

Demo Q&As follow the Next OnAir schedule above.

Videos (keynotes, sessions, and breakouts)

As an online event, videos of our keynotes, sessions, and breakouts are the heart and soul of Next OnAir. You can find a complete list of all the videos for each week on my blog and on the Next OnAir website, where you can create a playlist, add reminders to your calendar, etc. We’ve also put together session packages that group sessions by various topics, industries and job titles. While attendance is not limited this year, we definitely encourage you to watch these videos during their launch week, so you can take advantage of the live Q&As and interactive features. On behalf of all the Google Cloud Developer Advocates, have a great Next OnAir!

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