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Next '24 session library with Agenda Builder is now live

March 15, 2024
Sarah Kennedy

Vice President, Growth & Demand Generation, Google Cloud Marketing

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Update March 12, 2024: A new and improved Agenda Builder is now live! This year, it’s easy to view all the available sessions for a given time period, so you don’t miss out any of the valuable opportunities to learn, certify, and network while you’re at the show. So go ahead, secure your schedule today, because spots fill up fast!

Can’t wait to find out what sessions you’ll have the chance to dive into at Google Cloud Next ’24 in Las Vegas, April 9 – 11? Wait no longer, as you can now browse the full list of sessions available to in-person attendees that just went live today!

Next ’24 promises to be larger and offer an even greater level of technical depth than ever before. We heard your feedback, and have doubled the amount of technical content this year. Whether you’re a developer, business leader, or generative AI enthusiast, you can expect deep expertise on a wide range of topics, products, and solutions, through exclusive trainings, demos, real-world success stories, and inspiring talks.


Here are a few sessions that I’m eagerly anticipating:

  1. Accelerate the value of generative AI with 3 secret ingredients
  2. Digital freedom in the age of AI
  3. Talk with your business data using generative AI
  4. Cloud tech leaders' perspectives on the intersection of AI and DEI
  5. Navigating the generative AI era: How to prepare for the AI revolution
  6. Start secure, stay secure: Build a strong safeguard for your cloud
  7. Modernize marketing with generative AI
  8. Holy scalability, Firebase! Make your app super with Google Cloud
  9. Golden State Warriors supercharge the fan experience with generative AI

Next ‘24 is more than just mind-blowing product launches, trainings, and interactive experiences…it's also about connecting with your people and networking within a community. Join us for three days of face-to-face time with Google Cloud experts, industry leaders, and your peers. You can even meet with Google Cloud partners who can help you solve that one challenge you haven’t quite figured out how to tackle yet.

Broadening Next’s technical aperture, this year we're introducing Dev Connect, a brand-new program within Next ’24, featuring developer-friendly sessions, workshops, and lightning talks. Dev Connect has something for everyone:

  • AI Developers: Learn how to build production AI applications in Go, leverage Google's open source models, and more.
  • Android Developers: Discover the latest in Android development, optimize your app for performance, and access monetization strategies.
  • Firebase Developers: Deep dive into Firebase's full-stack capabilities, explore Gemini, and connect with fellow developers.
  • Flutter Developers: Master Dart, build full-stack applications with Flutter and Serverpod, and explore the future of Flutter.
  • Go, Angular, and more: Sessions and workshops tailored to Google developers across various technologies.

This is your cue… today’s the day to register for Next ’24 and save a seat in your favorite sessions. We can’t wait for you to join the cloud party in Las Vegas!

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