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Google Cloud Summits 2022 [frequently updated]

June 15, 2022
The Google Cloud Events team

Register for our 2022 Google Cloud Summit series, and be among the first to learn about new solutions across data, machine learning, collaboration, security, sustainability, and more. You’ll hear from experts, explore customer perspectives, engage with interactive demos, and gain valuable insights to help you accelerate your business transformation. 

Bookmark the Google Cloud Summit series website to easily find updates as news develops. Can’t join us for a live broadcast? You can still register to enjoy all summit content, which becomes available for on-demand viewing immediately following each event. 

Upcoming events

Data Cloud and Applied ML Asia Pacific Summit | June 21-22, 2022 

Join us for the Data Cloud and Applied ML Asia Pacific Summit on 21-22 June, bringing together technology leaders, machine learning engineers and data professionals to explore the many ways you can make smart decisions and solve complex challenges with data and ML.

Learn how you can speed up experimentation, solve your most complex challenges and deliver limitless innovation with Google data cloud and ML. Explore business use cases, the latest product demos, and access to curated learning resources. 

Register and attend five live sessions to receive a collectible Google Cloud digital badge in recognition of your participation and learning with us.

Sustainability Summit | June 28, 2022

Come together with business and technology leaders at the Google Cloud Sustainability Summit on June 28, 2022, to explore the latest tools and best practices that can help you solve your complex sustainability challenges.

At this digital event, you’ll have a chance to learn how top climate experts and change-makers are building for the future. Get insights in our keynote to help you enact sustainable change within your organization. Hear from the visionaries behind climate tech moonshots, and the leaders driving sustainable business transformations for their company. . And find out about product updates across Google Cloud, Earth Engine and Google Workspace that will help you accelerate progress.

Register today to make a difference at the Sustainability Summit.

Applied ML Summit | June 9, 2022

Professional machine learning engineers, researchers, data scientists, data analysts and developers are invited to connect at the Google Cloud Applied ML Summit on June 9, 2022. Come explore the latest product and feature updates, and unlock new skills to build, deploy, and manage meaningful ML models faster.

Attendees will have a chance to get insights from Google and partner executives and from the world’s leading ML engineers and data scientists that can help them speed up experimentation, quickly get into production, scale and manage models, and automate pipelines to deliver impact. Learn how to make the most of integrated data and ML solutions from Google Cloud, including cutting-edge capabilities across Vertex AI, BigQuery ML, AutoML and data services like BigQuery,  that can cut down context switching and speed up training.

Engage with the future and start solving your business’s biggest challenges at this digital event. 

Register today for the Applied ML Summit.

Startup Summit | June 2, 2022 

Take a trip to the future at our Google Cloud Startup Summit on June 2, 2022. You’ll hear the latest announcements about how Google Cloud is continuing to invest in the startup ecosystem with tailored programs and offers. Gain perspectives on trends from top investors, innovative founders, and technical change-makers that can help you unlock the potential of your startup.

You’ll also have the chance to attend sessions focused on running a startup like hiring developer talent, recruiting and retaining diverse teams, and more. And then discover how customers and partners are thriving with the products startups love – like Google Kubernetes Engine, Firebase, BigQuery, Cloud Run, and Looker.

Register today to discover how you can supercharge your startup’s growth with cost-effective, intelligent technology.

Security Summit | May 17, 2022

Security leaders and business professionals can meet at the Google Cloud Security Summit, May 17, 2022, for a chance to connect, explore new products and enhancements, and reimagine how to securely transform.

Find out from Google Cloud and partner security experts how you can move to zero trust architectures, bolster your software supply chain security, and defend against ransomware and other emerging threats. Dig deep into new solutions supporting cloud governance and digital sovereignty, and discover our bold vision for the future of SecOps.

Uncover innovative approaches to your toughest security challenges in customer spotlights, and learn how you can drive security forward with tools that only Google Cloud can provide. 

Register today for this digital event.

Google Workspace Summit | May 4, 2022

Join us for the Google Workspace Summit on May 4, 2022, to get insights directly from Google executives, customers, and partners that can help you empower your in-office, remote, and frontline teams. 

Collaboration today is about more than where you work. During our digital event, you can explore new ways to accelerate productivity, collaboration equity, and a healthy work-life blend across your business. Discover what the world’s leading security experts have to say about protecting your organization against security risks, and be among the first to learn about the latest collaboration tools and innovations. Also, find out how companies are using Google Workspace to transform communication and cooperation channels between frontline workers and corporate teams.

Mark your calendars to get guidance from IT and business leaders, and explore how Google technology can help solve your most pressing hybrid work challenge.

Register today for the Google Workspace Summit: Global & EMEA

Data Cloud Summit | April 6, 2022

Mark your calendars for the Google Data Cloud Summit, April 6, 2022. 

Join us to explore the latest innovations in AI, machine learning, analytics, databases, and more. Learn how organizations are using a simple, unified, open approach with Google Cloud to make smarter decisions and solve their most complex business challenges.

At the event, you will gain insights that can help move you and your organization forward. From our opening keynote to customer spotlights to sessions, you’ll have the chance to uncover up-to-the-minute insights on how to make the most of your data.

Equip yourself with the technology, the confidence, and the experience to capitalize on the next wave of data solutions. Register today for the 2022 Google Data Cloud Summit.

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