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Google Cloud EMEA Retail & Consumer Goods Summit: The Future of Retail

April 6, 2021
Mark Steel

Director, Retail Industry Strategy and Solutions, EMEA Google Cloud

The way consumers make their everyday decisions is evolving, as digital ways of working, shopping and communicating have become the new normal. So now it's more important than ever for companies in the retail sector to prioritise an insights-driven technology strategy and understand what's truly important for their customers.  

Through its partnerships with some of the world's leading retailers and brands, Google Cloud provides solutions that address the retail sector's most challenging problems, whether it’s creating flexible demand forecasting models to optimize inventory or transforming e-commerce using AI-powered apps. Over the past few years, we've been observing and analyzing the many facets of changing consumer behaviour. We are here to support retailers and brands as they transform their businesses to adapt to this new landscape.  

Featuring consumer research and insights from your peers, Google Cloud's Retail & Consumer Goods Summit will offer candid conversations to help you solve your challenges. We'll be joined by industry innovators, including Carrefour Belgium and L'Oréal, who'll discuss the future of retail and consumer goods. 

Bringing together technology and business

The Google Cloud Retail & Consumer Goods Summit brings together technology and business insights, the key ingredients for any transformation. Whether you're responsible for IT, data analytics, supply chains, or marketing, please join! Building connections and sharing perspectives cross-functionally is important to reimagining yourself, your organization, or the world. 

Capturing consumers with an insights-driven approach 

At the Google Cloud Retail & Consumer Goods Summit, you can choose from sessions that are tailored specifically to retail or to consumer goods, as well as the following:  

  • Keynote: Our Human Truths team will kick off the summit by sharing insights into consumers' hearts and minds to help inform your transformation strategy. Learn what consumer behaviors they think will be around for the long-term as we move into a post-pandemic world. 
  • “Hey Google, Show Me the Future of Retail” (featuring Carrefour Belgium): The Retail landscape is challenging, changing and full of possibilities. Join us for a transparent conversation about transformation roadmaps and how retailers should be planning for the future.
  • How to Grow Brands in Times of Rapid Change (featuring L'Oréal): For consumer brands, this past year has been a catalyst of digital transformation that was already under way for several years. At Google, we’ve been closely studying a rapidly evolving landscape and will share with you our findings on where the high growth opportunities are for your brands so you can drive innovation across your organization.

You'll also be able to learn from experts who are leading transformations in their own sectors. These include German wholesaler METRO Digital, which is transforming the hospitality industry by making its digital solutions available to customers, and French retailer Maisons du Monde, which is taking a data-driven approach to personalize its customer experience.   

Developing your transformation strategy 

To round off the day, you are invited to join MasterChef 2020 winner Thomas Frake. While retailers are using cloud technology to forecast the hottest products on the shelves and avoid shortages, Thomas will demonstrate how to cook like a chef using ingredients that you should already have at home. 

The Google Cloud Retail & Consumer Goods Summit will take place on Thursday, 22 April from 9:30am GMT+1. Please join us and register today by visiting our event landing page. You'll leave the day inspired and ready to start your transformation journey. 

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