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Managing schema changes on Cloud Spanner using Liquibase

February 11, 2021
Mark Scannell

Strategic Cloud Engineer, Google Cloud

Ron Pantofaro

Product Manager, Databases

We’re very happy to announce that you can now use Liquibase’s open-source database devops library to manage and automate schema changes in Cloud Spanner.  The availability of Liquibase Cloud Spanner extension beta version 1.0 brings all of Liquibase’s CI/CD benefits to Spanner.

You can find the source and detailed information in GitHub here: cloudspannerecosystem/liquibase-spanner

Supported Features

The following change types are supported by the extension: createTable, dropTable, addColumn, modifyDataType, addNotNullConstraint, dropColumn, createIndex, dropIndex, addForeignKeyConstraint, dropForeignKeyConstraint, dropAllForeignKeyConstraints, addLookupTable, insert, update, loadData, and loadUpdateData.

ChangeTypes are all tested as unit tests, with the Spanner emulator, and with a real Spanner.


An example changelog.yaml is provided that demonstrates a changelog applied to Spanner. This is to help apply Liquibase Best Practices using Spanner.

It includes the following:

To get started,  create a Cloud Spanner instance in your GCP account or in a Spanner Qwiklab and try the Liquibase extension


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