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Curious about Google Cloud Bare Metal Solution? Start here.

April 23, 2021
Priyanka Vergadia

Staff Developer Advocate

So you’ve decided to migrate your business to the cloud—good call!

There are many workloads that are easy to lift and shift to the cloud, but there are also specialized workloads (such as Oracle) that are difficult to migrate to a cloud environment due to complicated licensing, hardware, and support requirements. Bare Metal Solution provides a path to modernize these applications. 

You first lift and shift these workloads to Bare Metal Solution so you can exit your data center and stop managing hardware; then you will be in a great position to modernize your application with Google Cloud. Bare Metal Solution enables an easier and a faster migration path while maintaining your existing investments and architecture.


(Click to enlarge the Bare Metal Solution migration cheat sheet)

How does it work?

Bare Metal Solution provides purpose-built bare metal machines in regional extensions that are connected to Google Cloud by a managed, high-performance connection with a low-latency network fabric. Google Cloud provides and manages the core infrastructure, the network, the physical and network security, and hardware monitoring capabilities in an environment from which you can easily access all Google Cloud services. 

What does the Bare Metal Solution environment include?

The core infrastructure includes secure, controlled-environment facilities and power. The Bare Metal Solution environment also includes provisioning and maintenance of the  sole-tenancy hardware with local SAN, and smart hands support. The network, which is managed by Google Cloud, includes a low-latency Cloud Interconnect connection into your Bare Metal Solution environment. And you have access to other Google Cloud services such as private API access, management tools, support, and billing.

What are you responsible for?

When you use Google Cloud Bare Metal Solution you can bring your own license of the specialized software such as Oracle, and you are responsible for your software, applications, and data.


Now that you know about Bare Metal Solution, you’re ready to take the next step in the direction of infrastructure modernization, no matter what specialized workloads you may have. To learn more about Bare Metal Solution, check out the documentation.

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