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New Google Cloud Consulting programs designed to accelerate your cloud journey

April 10, 2024
Lee Moore

Vice President, Global Google Cloud Consulting

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At Google Cloud Consulting, we are committed to helping our customers learn, build, operate, and succeed, wherever they are in their cloud journey. We are energized by the transformative potential of generative AI, and while it is getting a lot of attention, the cloud infrastructure that powers it remains essential. 

Through thousands of customer engagements across the globe, we’ve found that knowledgeable staff, a strong technology foundation, and trusted guidance leads to innovation. I'm thrilled to announce new Google Cloud Consulting programs that will help meet our customers’ needs today as they bring their new ideas to life. 

Learning fuels results

Our mission at Google Cloud Consulting is to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to learn the skills they need to succeed with Google Cloud technology. Learning and enablement are key parts of Google's core mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. We’re excited to help organizations accelerate their learning journey and use gen AI to transform business functions. Highly trained organizations result in more successful cloud migrations and more confident workforces – so we’re betting big on learning as a business driver for our customers this year. 

Gen AI requires skills most organizations are just now learning and many don’t have the in-house expertise to teach their workforce. Some 87% of the C-suite say they’re struggling to find talent with AI skills, and 77% say AI is disrupting their business strategy

At Google Cloud, we want to change that dynamic. To show our commitment to expanding customers’ skills and knowledge, Google Cloud is offering no cost, on-demand training for our top customers, including new AI training for every member of your team.  Customers will receive no-cost access to generative AI training led by a virtual instructor and our full catalog of on-demand training on Google Cloud Skills Boost, which includes freshly launched new gen AI skill badges. These three new badges showcase an individual’s applied and assessed abilities with Google Cloud concepts, products, and services:

To learn more, please connect with your account team. 

Simplified solutions for real world impact

At Google Cloud Consulting, we are committed to solving our customers’ complex problems with business-focused solutions. To help you use gen AI to deliver results and overcome common roadblocks, we've teamed up with Google product experts to curate end-to-end solutions, both technology and services focused. You can leverage complete solutions to known challenges across developer productivity, customer service modernization, marketing, digital commerce, website modernization, and back office business applications — all expertly designed and delivered in collaboration with our partners to fit your specific industry needs. 

We’re also making it easier to engage with Google Cloud Consulting. We will be rolling out an update to our credits program that provides broader access to the full GCC Services catalog without impacting any of your existing incentives. This simplified experience will increase flexibility for our customers and provide greater visibility into real-time spending insights with guidance directly from Google Cloud experts to help them get the most out of their services strategy.

Partner to make it real 

Leveraging cloud technology and effectively integrating gen AI to transform your business takes teamwork and demands a robust foundation. That's why we're investing heavily in core infrastructure, ironclad security, and upskilling our customer-facing teams, especially within our robust partner ecosystem. At this year’s Next, we’re excited to announce that Delivery Navigator is now GA

We initially unveiled Delivery Navigator at Google Cloud Next ’23 as a way for us to jointly create consistent, repeatable, agile, and high-quality experiences for our customers. And now we are ready and excited to bring the rest of our partner ecosystem this library of transformation methods, which are based on our experience running thousands of cloud projects.

We know that success in the cloud comes from close collaboration between our customers, Google Cloud Consulting teams, and our partners. Delivery Navigator is just one of the ways we’re helping our partners be successful collaborators, and our customers will benefit from these changes with more seamless and excellent delivery. By combining the expertise of Google Cloud and our partners, we provide customers with the best of both worlds: access to Google's cutting-edge technology and the specialized knowledge and experience of our partners. 

Integration of gen AI into daily operations isn't just theory for us at Google Cloud Consulting, it’s practice. Our internal adoption of Gemini and other gen AI tools have transformed our own operations. We are excited to help our customers do the same, ensuring you have the right mix of business and technical strategies to make your cloud transformation a reality. 

Ready to learn more? Discover how Google Cloud Consulting can help you learn, build, operate and succeed.

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