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Delivery Navigator: Now generally available to our services partners

April 10, 2024
Brad Little

Vice President, Global Head of Cloud Professional Services

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Navigating the complexities of cloud migration and transformation is akin to exploring uncharted territories. Many businesses, just like yours, face challenges that divert their focus from core objectives to the intricacies of accessing cutting-edge tools and methodologies. But what if there was a way to simplify this journey, ensuring that your focus remains undiluted on what truly matters?

That’s why we’re announcing the general availability of Google Cloud Consulting’s Delivery Navigator to all of our qualified services partners. Delivery Navigator revolutionizes the way cloud projects are delivered, serving as a comprehensive platform that provides architectural and design guidance for Google Cloud solutions. It goes further, offering detailed, actionable implementation instructions for specialized areas like  AI Foundations and Healthcare Data Engines, for example.  We initially unveiled Delivery Navigator at Google Cloud Next’ 23 as a way for us to jointly create consistent, repeatable, agile, and high-quality experiences for our customers. And now, we are ready and excited to bring this library of transformation methods, and much more, to the rest of our partner ecosystem based on our experience running thousands of cloud projects.

Start by checking out this clip to learn more about how Delivery Navigator has helped optimize Google Cloud Consulting’s business and what it can do for your organization as well.

Building a new cloud methodology community, one partner at a time

Delivery Navigator, a combination of Google’s technology and implementation methodologies, started as an internal platform designed to help Google Cloud Consulting customers transform, create, and innovate on Google Cloud. After an initial private preview of the platform to our partner community last year, we are ready to open up Delivery Navigator to the rest of our qualifying partners that have at least one Partner Specialization.

This exciting milestone advances our vision of establishing Delivery Navigator as a vibrant cloud delivery methodology community — with rigorous privacy and security controls — that will include our partners and, eventually, our customers. We see the platform as a differentiated opportunity to collaborate and drive continuous value together.

Keeping practitioners focused on driving value and innovation


We have one goal: giving time back to our partners and customers to focus on what’s important to their businesses by providing the latest tools, techniques, and ways of working on the cloud in a single place, right at practitioners’ fingertips. Delivery Navigator is more than just a tool – it's a comprehensive ecosystem designed to streamline your cloud migration and transformation journey.

Built on Google Cloud Consulting's project management best practices, Delivery Navigator offers a holistic approach that enhances efficiency, elevates quality, and mitigates risk. Imagine having a tailored project plan on hand at any time, complete with technical steps, effort estimates, skill requirements, and template-based deliverables. In addition, Delivery Navigator is already integrated with project management tools like Jira, Smartsheets, Asana, and more. This efficiency helps free your engineers and project managers from tedious research and administration, empowering them to focus on understanding and delivering solutions that transform your customers' experiences.

Delivery Navigator offers a number of benefits for Google Cloud services partners, including:

  • Streamlined efficiency: Accelerate project delivery with structured, easy-to-follow instructions and resources built in context of the structure of the plan.

  • Enhanced quality: Leverage Google Cloud's best practices, rooted in proven experiences, for outcomes that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

  • Minimized risk: A clear, structured approach that anticipates and mitigates potential challenges, along with structured guidance, helps you avoid common pitfalls, reduce rework, and keep your projects on track.

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Deliver projects that resonate with your clients by addressing their major challenges and solving their core pain points, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Expertise development: Collaborate with us on expanding the platform's knowledge base through co-authoring and co-branding opportunities.

Let’s get started, together

Ready to transform how you deliver Google Cloud projects? If your organization holds at least one Partner Specialization in a solution area, you're invited to check out our getting started guide today, in which you will find more information about the platform and the onboarding process, and join a community dedicated to excellence in cloud services.

Dive into the future of cloud services with Google Cloud Consulting and Delivery Navigator — where your cloud potential is unlocked, project by project.

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