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SAP on Google Cloud

SAP BTP on Google Cloud Announces 5 new capabilities

April 28, 2022
Michael Harding

Partner Manager, SAP Strategy and Architecture, Google Cloud

SAP and Google Cloud’s partnership is about expanding what’s possible and enabling innovation. A lot more has become possible for SAP customers since SAP® Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) became available on Google Cloud in 2021. SAP BTP brings together intelligent enterprise applications with database and data management, analytics, integration, and extension capabilities on one platform for both cloud and hybrid environments, including hundreds of pre-built integrations for SAP and third-party applications. People can connect applications and combine data in new ways that help them integrate smarter and better collaborate to find answers and solve business problems faster.

The following are five use cases from customers who are using SAP BTP on Google Cloud to more successfully manage their businesses.

1. Timely insights from combining data from SAP and non-SAP solutions. A North American retailer deployed a joint SAP software and Google Cloud architecture to get better insight into sales teams based on consumer feedback. The company also achieved a closer alignment between supply and demand by positioning product pitches based on availability.

A joint architecture like this would include cloud-native solutions such as the SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solutions while leveraging the native AI/ML capabilities and petabyte scale of BigQuery.

2. More cost-effective marketing through SAP ERP correlation. Many retail and consumer goods companies are avid users of Google Marketing Platform when it comes to placing and managing ads. Now these customers are using SAP BTP to drive direct correlations between their ERP supply chain and finance data and their marketing investments executed over Google Marketing Platform. This is helping them operate more cost-effectively by providing fast and contextually enriched answers to cost-related questions, such as: Where should I direct my marketing spend? How do I target campaigns based on inventory and margin? How should I focus my supply chain investments based on campaign, location, and demographics data from Google Marketing Platform? 

3. Accelerated innovation in core systems with containerized apps. The extensibility and API services of SAP BTP are enabling customers to use Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to develop and manage custom applications faster and more efficiently. SAP BTP makes direct read/write capabilities in the core of SAP ERP possible, and GKE provides developers with an environment and the tools for using containers instead of traditional environments. The outcome is better capacity utilization, enterprise-grade scalability, faster deployment of new capabilities within core systems, quicker and less disruptive application maintenance, and the ability to “build in” security protections at the start of the app development cycle instead of after.

4. Simplified operations with Google Search and SAP Work Zone. With Google Search embedded into the SAP Work Zone enabled by SAP BTP, daily operations are simplified.  SAP Work Zone provides personalized and integrated employee experiences with centralized access to core business systems. Critical business data that’s used every day is within those systems, and making it easier to quickly find exactly what’s needed helps prevent waiting between process steps, the use of inaccurate or incomplete data, and redundant work.

5. Extend SAP Process Automation with Google services and APIs. This solution is helping customers adapt, improve, and innovate business processes with minimum assistance from busy IT teams.

The SAP Process Automation solution puts capabilities for workflow management, robotic process automation, and AI services into an intuitive no-code interface, allowing anyone to build and share automated workflows across key process owners, and between SAP and non-SAP applications. As part of SAP BTP, SAP Process Automation integrates diverse SAP software systems with Google solutions to simplify business processes. For example, SAP Fiori apps use task automation services from SAP Process Automation to leverage Google Document AI, collect key information from digital documents, and then automatically post the results in SAP. This reduces the manual effort of repetitive tasks and leads to fewer errors and increased data consistency.

These are just five of the ways customers of SAP BTP are benefitting from SAP’s partnership with Google Cloud. Learn more about the SAP on Google Cloud partnership. And join us at SAP Sapphire in Orlando, Florida.

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