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SAP on Google Cloud

Accelerate SAP innovation with Google Cloud Cortex Framework

October 12, 2021
Snehanshu Shah

Managing Director, SAP

Alison Hettrick

Director of Solutions & Engineering, Google Cloud Cortex Framework

Digital transformation is about gaining speed, agility, and efficiency. The faster and more easily your organization operates on a modern cloud platform, the sooner it can experience the benefits.

Today, we are excited to introduce Google Cloud Cortex Framework, a foundation of endorsed solution reference templates and content for customers to accelerate business outcomes with less risk, complexity, and cost. Google Cloud Cortex Framework allows you to kickstart insights and reduce time-to-value with reference architectures, packaged services, and deployment accelerators that guide you from planning to delivery so you can get up and running quickly. You can deploy templatized solutions from Google Cloud and our trusted partners for specific use cases and business scenarios in a faster, more cost-effective way.


Our data foundation release

In our first release, customers can take advantage of a rich data foundation of building blocks and templates for SAP environments. Customers can leverage our:

  • Scalable data cloud foundation to combine the best of SAP and non-SAP data to drive new insights; 

  • Pre-defined BigQuery operational data marts and change data capture (CDC) processing scripts to take the guesswork out of modeling and data processing; and 

  • BigQuery ML templates, which provide advanced machine-learning capabilities for common business scenarios such as Product Recommendations and Customer Segmentation. 

See below for an example of some of these templates within BigQuery.


Together with plug-and-play Looker dashboard templates, customers can gain fast insights into sales, orders, products, customers, and much more. But this is just the beginning. We see Google Cloud Cortex Framework as a “content factory” that will expand to address new use cases, incorporate best practices, industry scenarios, and build on our cumulative experiences in enterprise environments.

“At Google Cloud, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for SAP customers to modernize in the cloud,” says Abdul Razack, VP, Solutions Engineering, Technology Solutions and Strategy, Google Cloud. “Google Cloud Cortex Framework is our latest innovation to that end. With readily available reference architectures and other tools, SAP customers now have what they need to design, build, and deploy advanced cloud solutions and accelerate business outcomes.”

Get up and running quickly

The Google Cloud Cortex Framework helps us answer a common question we hear from our customers: "How do I get started?" Google Cloud Cortex Framework can help customers with an off-the-shelf packaged approach that they can implement and customize to their own specifications and provides multiple benefits:

  • Accelerate business outcomes with easy-to-leverage, scenario-driven reference architectures and content that remove the guesswork from deployments. Expedite value with line-of-business and industry example solutions and packaged services from Google Cloud and partners.

  • Reduce risk, complexity, and cost with proven deployment templates. Deploy the industry’s most advanced cloud-native capabilities at a fraction of the time and cost of from-scratch, in-house efforts. Support business process improvement with accurate and relevant insights to quickly deliver differentiating capabilities to your customers.

  • Leverage a scalable technology strategy for future innovation by standardizing on a reusable data and analytics architecture. Easily identify and support the innovative technologies required to deliver a full range of current and future scenarios. Provide the building blocks and blueprints you need to prepare for the future, and upskill your team so they can deploy the technology you need to support your business objectives today and tomorrow.

Our partner ecosystem makes Google Cloud Cortex Framework possible

Today’s launch of Google Cloud Cortex Framework includes support from a large ecosystem of partners such as Accenture, Infosys, Palantir, C3.AI, Informatica, HVR, Qlik, Pluto7, ATOS, CapGemini, Cognizant, Deloitte, HCL, Lemongrass, NIMBL, PwC, SpringML and TCS who will be offering solutions and services to accelerate customer innovation. These partners are adopting and augmenting Google Cloud Cortex Framework to enable customers to more rapidly deploy and drive value for their organizations. With vast customer and partner interest in advancing data landscapes leveraging Google Cloud, we will continue to develop the ecosystem of Google Cloud Cortex Framework partners.

As foundational partners, Accenture and Infosys have been instrumental in our solution engineering efforts, leveraging their strengths in the data and analytics space.  

“Organizations today rely on increasing volumes of data to quickly react and respond to change. To handle the high volume and variety of data from disparate sources, our clients need a modern data foundation that can respond rapidly to those growing demands. Google’s Cortex enables us to align our assets and industry solution models into a consistent architecture for our clients to drive business agility, customer intimacy, and real-time decision-making.” – Tom Stuermer, global lead of Accenture Google Business Group at Accenture.

"Infosys is excited to partner with Google Cloud to drive the adoption of Google Cloud Cortex Framework, unlocking value from SAP and non-SAP data and enabling insights-driven digital enterprises across multiple industry domains within our large SAP customer base. Google Cloud Cortex Framework complements Infosys Cobalt that brings together our extensive SAP, data analytics and Google Cloud capabilities to help clients fast-track their cloud adoption and accelerate their business transformation." – Sunil Senan, SVP and Business Head - Data & Analytics, Infosys

Building on decades of innovation with Google Cloud Cortex Framework

To illustrate the opportunities that Google Cloud Cortex Framework will bring to our customers, we developed an initial release that combines multiple Google data sets with SAP enterprise data. By leveraging machine learning and other Google technologies, companies can deliver new analytics and gain new insights. An example of this is demand shaping.


Demand shaping will benefit line-of-business executives and supply-chain professionals, who can leverage the Google Cloud Cortex Framework reference architecture to improve supply-chain operations by improving business processes or accelerating time-to-insight with analytics. Chief data officers (or any executive responsible for data and analytics) will also benefit by saving time, building on reusable components, and following best practices to get innovative cloud solutions up and running as quickly, effectively, and efficiently as possible. Today’s enterprises can use Google Cloud Cortex Framework to create a reusable architecture that can adapt and expand to new scenarios to gain better visibility into signals that influence demand forecasts. 

Of course, Google Cloud customers aren't just interested in scenarios that apply to the data and analytics space. Future Google Cloud Cortex Framework offerings will help provide recommended approaches to better implement use cases in consumer-facing industries, including consumer packaged goods and supply chain and the delivery of improved customer experiences, as well as infrastructure and application workload management integration—all to drive insights to execution and improve automation of business processes. The common denominator will always be the ability to not only reduce the time and effort to deploy and manage each solution, but also to develop a technology strategy that can scale above and beyond an individual scenario or use case. 

Are you interested in learning more? Watch our session at Google Cloud Next '21 and fill out this form to connect with our solution experts on the latest content, deployment options and free tailor-made innovation discovery workshops.

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