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Cloud Operations

Increasing limits for three key Cloud Monitoring features

February 26, 2021
Rory Petty

Cloud Monitoring Product Manager

Lee Yanco

Senior Product Manager

Cloud Monitoring is one of the easiest ways you can gain visibility into the performance, availability, and health of your applications and infrastructure. Today, we’re excited to announce the lifting of three limits within Cloud Monitoring.

First, the maximum number of projects that you can view together is now 375 (up from 100). Customers with 375 or fewer projects can view all their metrics at once, by putting all their projects within a single workspace.


Second, the maximum number of custom metric descriptors within custom.googleapis.com is now 2,000 (up from 500). Customers approaching 500 metrics will no longer have to juggle old metrics in order to start sending new metrics.

Third, all metrics sent by Compute Engine Agents are now retained for 24 months (up from 6 weeks) for free. Customers will now be able to perform long-term trend analysis, such as tracking memory growth year-on-year for capacity planning purposes.

We look forward to lifting even more limits throughout 2021–stay tuned!

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