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In hybrid and multi-cloud environments, the network really matters

July 29, 2020
Shubhika Taneja

Multicloud Editor

According to recent research1, among organizations adopting public cloud, a full 70% say that they will use a combination of public cloud and on-premises data centers. At the same time, 21% of business users reported that poor network connectivity negatively impacts web or cloud-based application performance2. How can you ensure that your hybrid or multi-cloud deployment doesn’t suffer from such a fate? 

Networks, clearly, are the foundation of a successful digital transformation. Yet with the growing heterogeneity in customer environments, they are becoming increasingly complex. Nor are all cloud networks created equal. For businesses migrating to the cloud, performance, reliability, and security are table stakes to ensure a risk-free migration of business-critical workloads. 

For networks that support hybrid and multi-cloud environments, you need comprehensive visibility and monitoring, along with proactive network operations, to help ensure a positive customer experience. At the same time, that cloud network must position you for growth, modernization and future innovation e.g., adoption of microservices architecture, or edge services like 5G. Further, you need to be able to take advantage of these capabilities at your own pace.

As IT architectures evolve, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) has been watching key industry trends at play, the networking challenges of modern application environments, and how that translates into customer requirements for hybrid and multi-cloud networking infrastructure and services. In a new whitepaper, The Network Matters, ESG discusses the network’s role in infrastructure modernization, and the top challenges and requirements from the network in a multi-cloud and hybrid environment. It also discusses how Google Cloud networking solutions deliver on innovation, security, performance and simplicity and improve customer experiences globally. To learn how to ensure that your hybrid or multi-cloud deployment is a success, download the whitepaper today.

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