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Cloud Domains, now GA, makes it easy to register and manage custom domains

October 27, 2021
Abhishek Kaushik

Product Manager, Google Domains

Karthik Balakrishnan

Cloud DNS Product Manager

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In February, we announced Cloud Domains, which makes it easy for Google Cloud customers to register new domains. Today, we’re excited to announce that Cloud Domains is in general availability. 

We created Cloud Domains with the goal of simplifying domain-related tasks, and we’ve continued to build on the initial release with new functionality.

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Cloud Domains allows you to manage access controls for domains through Cloud IAM and manage your domain registrations and renewals through Cloud Billing, for a more seamless experience with the rest of Google Cloud. Cloud Domains is also tightly integrated with Cloud DNS. In just one click, you can create Cloud DNS zones and associate them with your Cloud Domains, while the Cloud DNS API makes it easy for you to bulk-manage DNS zones for your domain portfolio. 

With Cloud Domains, you can also enable DNSSEC for your Public DNS Zones for enhanced security. When transferring domains, you can call Cloud DNS APIs to set up DNS for the newly transferred domains. 

Cloud Domains works better with your other Google Cloud applications such as Cloud Run, Google App Engine and Cloud DNS as everything is managed under the same Google Cloud Platform project, greatly simplifying domain verification and configuration. 

Finally, we’ve added the ability to transfer third-party domains into Cloud Domains via a simple API, which supports a wide variety of top-level domains. This allows you to consolidate your domain portfolio in one place and utilize APIs for programmatic management. With this API, bulk transfer of your domains into Cloud Domains becomes much simpler. 

Customers such as M32 Connect are already benefiting from the continued feature innovation of Cloud Domains.  

"As a cloud-native ad tech and analytics company, we have to manage massive amounts of domains. Being able to manage them in bulk through APIs and CLI allows us to automate new parts of our infrastructure. Google Cloud helps us improve our time-to-market while reducing human interventions on tedious activities. Cloud Domains is a breath of fresh air!" - Claude Cajolet, Head of Technology Management and Monetization Architecture, M32 Connect 

To get started with Cloud Domains, read this getting started guide. Then, click over to the Cloud Console and start registering new domains today!

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