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Google I/O session live: Understand your Place in this world

June 7, 2016
Florian Bertele

Product Manager on the Google Maps APIs team

At Google I/O, Ravi Palanki, Android Place API technical lead and I presented our session titled ‘Understand your Place in this world’. Even if you were not able to attend Google I/O in person, you can now watch our session:

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Understand your Place in this world

Humans navigate a world made up of places with names, addresses and phone numbers—not lat/long coordinates. The Google Places API enables an app or website to present location data to users in a human-centered fashion. In this session we shared how you can use the Places API to discover your environment. I walked the audience through the main use cases and Places API functionalities, across mobile and web. We also showed off some newly-released mobile widgets, and Ravi did a deep-dive into the benefits of the mobile platform, such as optimization for mobile device battery life and increased device accuracy. This session is a great starting point to learn how the Places API can make all your apps -- not just map-centric ones -- smarter.


With the Google Places API you get data from the same database used by Google Maps and Google+ Local. Places features more than 100 million businesses and points of interest that are updated frequently through owner-verified listings and user-moderated contributions.

  • Use the power of mobile to give your users contextual information about where they are, when they’re there with the Places API for Android.
  • Search for and retrieve rich information about local businesses and points of interest, available on every screen with the Places API Web Service.
  • Add autocomplete to any application, providing type-ahead location-based predictions like the search on Google Maps.


I am a product manager on the Maps API team. In my role, I focus on the Places API across all platforms and geographies. When I’m not at Google, I love running coastal trails, playing the piano and enjoying the fantastic lifestyle in Sydney!

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