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Service Catalog: Introducing version selection for Terraform solutions

April 26, 2022
Abhijit Chatterjee

Product Manager, Google Cloud

Brian Fisher

Engineering Manager

Enterprise IT admins use Google Cloud Service Catalog Terraform solutions to establish curated catalogs of self-serve Google Cloud infrastructure for their organizations. 

Now, with support for multiple Terraform versions for Service Catalog solutions, administrators create and validate their deployment configs with a particular version of Terraform. The version selected is used by the Service Catalog to perform the deployment, ensuring end users enjoy a seamless experience when deploying a Service Catalog Terraform solution. This feature also enables both the admins and the platform to take advantage of the most recent capabilities available in Terraform, allowing them to quickly address any compliance concerns that may be present in previous releases.

Let’s take a closer look at what is included in this release.

Terraform version selection

With this release, admins can select a specific Terraform version when adding a new Terraform solution to a catalog. The version configuration, once applied, can be viewed on the following pages:

  • Solutions Listings 

  • Solution Details

  • Solution Deployment History

Catalog end users will automatically utilize the version selected by the catalog admin. Different solutions within the same catalog may incorporate different corresponding versions of Terraform, based on an admin’s selection.


Version Selection

Get started with Service Catalog

These new features are available now to all Service Catalog customers. To learn how to use these features, refer to our documentation:

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