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Verify Cloud Run service availability with new dedicated uptime checks

January 30, 2023
Tiffany Shen

Software Engineer

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A great end user experience is essential to the success of any business. Increasingly, businesses have come to rely on web applications to run their key processes. Any downtime or degradation of user experience across these applications can cause significant losses for the business both in monetary terms and user trust. Therefore, having the ability to proactively assess the quality of end user experience offered by applications is crucial for business success.

The uptime check capability offered by Cloud Monitoring is a simple yet powerful observability tool to monitor an application's availability and performance. The primary purpose of an uptime check is to track resource availability on an on-going basis. It’s essentially a pulse check for a system and is often the first to detect impending issues. Using uptime checks can proactively detect availability and latency issues with an application and reduce the time and severity your users are impacted by an outage.

Uptime checks for Cloud Run services

The shift towards microservice architecture results in an increasing number of endpoints to monitor; evaluating the health of an entire system can quickly become a complicated task. That’s why we are delighted to announce uptime check support for Cloud Run services.

Google Cloud offers uptime checks against many resource types, but these checks did not enable explicit affiliation with a Cloud Run service. An uptime check against a Cloud Run service provides seamless monitoring, even when new revisions are deployed. The uptime check automatically adjusts between revisions and dynamically accommodates traffic splits between revisions, making it an excellent tool to measure the success of a new deployment.

As with all uptime checks, alerts can be added to notify the service owners of important issues affecting their service. A deeper dive into the issue can be seen in associated Cloud Run metrics, linked directly from the uptime check’s detail page.

Creating a new uptime check

To get started, you can head to Monitoring > Uptime, select “+ Create Uptime Check”, then select the new Cloud Run service option.


More information

Visit our documentation for managing uptime checks, where you can get additional information and step-by-step instructions for creating your first uptime check.

Lastly, if you have questions or feedback about this new feature, head to the Cloud Operations Community page and let us know.

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