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Easily view your old queries with Cloud Logging recent queries

September 28, 2020
Eli Fisher

Product Manager

As you analyze your logs for application performance, infrastructure errors, system events, and more, sometimes you may need to look back to logs you were previously analyzing to help correlate events and identify the root cause of a problem. To help, we are excited to introduce Google Cloud Logging recent queries, to make it easy to track and run your past searches as you deep dive on your log data.

With recent queries, now Cloud Logging automatically can give you the history of log searches you’ve run over the last 30 days. No more copying and pasting old queries from that doc/text file just to remember the exact syntax you previously used. With recent queries, all you need to do is open the “Recent” tab in the logs explorer to view your query history.


Recent queries is one of many recent additions to Cloud Logging to help simplify the experience for developers and operators. With features like suggested queries, log fields panel, and the histogram, the logs explorer is continuing to evolve to help our users quickly and efficiently retrieve, view, and analyze their logs.

Recent queries is available in beta for all Google Cloud Logging users. To get started, simply open Cloud Logging and select the “Recent” tab to see your queries. For more information on Cloud Logging or Recent Queries, please visit our documentation.

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