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Google Cloud announces new region to support growing customer base in Israel

April 28, 2021
Boaz Maoz

Country Director, Israel, Google Cloud

Google has long looked to Israel for globally impactful technologies including popular Search features, Waze, Duplex, Live Caption, and flood forecasting. At our Decode with Google 15RAEL event last week, we celebrated 15 years of Google innovation in Israel and our longstanding support of the country’s vibrant startup ecosystem. 

Over the years, we’ve expanded our enterprise investments in the country, too. In addition to our over a decade long investment in the space, Google has acquired Israeli-based companies like Alooma, Elastifile and Velostrata, and Uri Frank joined Google Cloud last month to lead our server chip design team from our offices in Tel Aviv and Haifa. 

As we continue to meet growing demand for cloud services in Israel, we’re excited to announce that a new Google Cloud region is coming to Israel to make it easier for customers to serve their own users faster, more reliably and securely.

Our global network of Google Cloud regions are the foundation of the cloud infrastructure we’re building to support our customers. With cloud’s 25 regions and 76 zones around the world, we deliver high-performance, low-latency services and products for Google Cloud’s enterprise and public sector customers. With each new Google Cloud region, customers get access to secure infrastructure, smarter analytics tools, an open platform and the cleanest cloud in the industry

Having a region in Israel will help accelerate innovation for customers of all sizes, including PayBox, a digital wallet application owned by Discount Bank, one of Israel’s largest banks. “When we acquired PayBox, our goal was to improve the security and the user experience for its products, but we also wanted to keep the startup’s agility and innovation. Google Cloud has enabled us to do just that,” said Sarit Beck-Barkai, Managing Director of PayBox at Discount Bank.

“We are very excited that leading vendors like Google are investing and launching a local cloud region in Israel. This will make a significant change in the technology landscape of the public-sector, enterprise and SMB markets in Israel. Matrix is proud to be a major part of the transition to the cloud,” said Moti Gutman, CEO at Matrix, technology services company and Google Cloud partner. 

"In the last year, Panorays more than tripled its customer base and scaled its infrastructure, practically at the click of a button. Google Cloud made it easy for us to scale without worrying about DevOps, which meant that our engineers could focus on developing new and better features for our customers. The new region launching in Israel will allow us to serve our local customer base even better, as we'll be able to experience higher availability and deploy resources in specific regions, thus reducing latency." said Demi Ben-Ari, Co-founder and CTO, Panorays, a third-party security platform and Google Cloud customer.

"This new cloud region will provide even better access and growth potential for our mutual customers with tech hubs in the region. We are serving hyper growth companies who need Google Cloud’s services and will benefit greatly from this regional presence," said Yoav Toussia-Cohen, CEO of DoiT International.

When it launches, the Israel region will deliver a comprehensive portfolio of Google Cloud products to private and public sector organizations locally. We look forward to welcoming you to the Israel region, and we’re excited to support your growing business on our platform. 

Learn more about our global cloud infrastructure, including new and upcoming regions, here.

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