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Bonjour Paris: New Google Cloud region in France is now open

June 30, 2022
Anthony Cirot

Managing Director Google Cloud France

At Google Cloud, we recognize that to be truly global, we must be local too. This means we need to be as close as possible to our customers, their locations, their regulations, and their values. Today, we’re excited to announce another step towards this goal: Our new Google Cloud region in Paris, France is officially open. 

Designed to help break down the barriers to cloud adoption in France, the new France region (europe-west 9) puts uniquely scalable, sustainable, secure, and innovative technology within arm’s reach, so that French organizations can embrace and drive digital transformation. A recent report indicates that Google Cloud’s impact on the productivity of French firms will support €2.4B - €2.6B in GDP growth and 13,000 - 14,000 jobs by 2027. Separately, the report details the impact of Google's infrastructure investments in France, which will support €490M in GDP growth and 4,600 jobs by 2027.

Focusing on France

Google Cloud’s global network is the cornerstone of our cloud infrastructure, helping you serve your customers better with high-performance, low-latency, and sustainable services. With the new France region, we now offer 34 regions, 103 zones and available in more than 200 countries and territories across the globe. 

The region launches with three cloud zones and our standard set of services including Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Storage, Persistent Disk, CloudSQL, and Cloud Identity. In addition, it offers core controls to enable organizations to meet their unique compliance, privacy, and digital sovereignty needs.

For the first time ever, both public and private organizations within France will be able to run their applications, store data locally, and better leverage real-time data, analytics, and AI technologies to differentiate, streamline, and transform their business—all on the cleanest cloud in the industry.

“In order for Renault Group to become a tech company and accelerate its digital transformation, it is important to have what is best in the market. This new Google Cloud region in France is synonymous with more security, resilience and sovereignty, and lower latency, which altogether reinforces the value of the cloud solutions. We can therefore be certain to offer the highest level of services for our users and ultimately the best customer experience. It is also a more eco-friendly infrastructure that supports our efforts in sustainability, without compromising efficiency.” - Frédéric Vincent, Head of Information systems and Digital, Renault Group 

“This new Google Cloud region brings us a smarter, more secure and local cloud. It enables us to comply with French and European security, compliance and sovereignty requirements, and is an opportunity to better serve our customers with new and always more relevant offerings.” - Pascal Luigi, Executive General Manager, BforBank 

Tackling Europe’s digital challenges together 

The new Paris region will allow local organizations from the private and public sector to take advantage of a transformation cloud to be:

  • Smarter: Data is the core ingredient in any business transformation.  Google Cloud enables you to unify data across the organization and leverage smart analytics capabilities and AI solutions to get the most value from structured or unstructured data, regardless of where it is stored. 

  • Open: Google Cloud’s commitment to multicloud, hybrid cloud, and open source provides the freedom to choose the best technology and the flexibility to fit specific needs, apps, and services while allowing developers to build and innovate faster, in any environment. 

  • Sustainable: At Google we’re working to build a carbon-free future for everyone. We are the only major cloud provider to purchase enough renewable energy to cover our entire operations and are working closely with every industry to help increase climate resilience by applying cloud technology to key challenges like responsible materials sourcing, climate risk analysis, and more. 

  • Secure: Google Cloud offers a zero-trust architecture to comprehensively protect data, applications, and users against potential threats and minimize attacks. We also work closely with local partners to help support compliance with local regulations. 

Across Europe, companies of all sizes and in every industry are looking to migrate their mission-critical workloads and data to the cloud. But despite the proven benefits of cloud—from agility to scalability to performance and innovation potential—many IT decision makers have opted for lesser technology capabilities due to lack of trust. 

Beyond powerful, embedded security capabilities, Google Cloud provides controls to help meet your unique compliance, privacy, and digital sovereignty needs, such as the ability to keep data in a European geographic region, local administrative and customer support, comprehensive visibility and control over administrative access, and encryption of data with keys that you control and manage outside of Google Cloud’s infrastructure.

We have also formed a strategic partnership with French cybersecurity leader Thales to develop a trusted cloud offering, specifically designed to meet the sovereign cloud criteria defined by the French government. This new France cloud region will enable the development of  local offerings from this partnership, confirming our trajectory to become a “Cloud de confiance,”  as defined by the French authorities. Our customers in France will benefit from a cloud that meets their requirements for security, privacy, and sovereignty without having to compromise on functionality or innovation. 

Visit our Paris region page for more details about the region, and our cloud locations page, where you’ll find updates on the availability of additional services and regions.

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