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A new Google Cloud region is coming to Mexico

July 21, 2022
Eduardo Lopez

President, Latin America, Google Cloud

Last month, Google announced a five-year, $1.2 billion USD commitment to Latin America to expand digital infrastructure, support digital skills, foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem, and help create inclusive and sustainable communities. To build on these initiatives and meet the growing demand for cloud services around the world, we are excited to announce that a new Google Cloud region is coming to Mexico. 

When it launches, this new cloud region will be our third in Latin America, joining Santiago, Chile, and São Paulo, Brazil, among the 34 regions and 103 zones currently in operation around the world, delivering high-performance, low-latency cloud services to customers of all sizes and industries. It will help support the digital transformations of enterprises, cloud-native companies, and public sector organizations.

"We are very excited about the announcement of a new cloud region in Mexico. It shows the commitment that Google Cloud has with its customers," said Antonio Guichard Gonzalez, Liverpool’s Digital Executive Director. "In Liverpool, we will continue to work with Google Cloud to find solutions to our biggest challenges and accelerate our digital capabilities."

“The cloud region in Mexico will unlock  new possibilities for the use of cloud technologies by public sector organizations in the country. Different public entities would benefit from interoperating in an efficient and secure way, facilitating access to computing power and information technologies. It is important to mention that the computer developments in Mexico are highly specialized so they can become important references for other Spanish-speaking countries,” stated Dr. Juan Carlos Sarmiento Tovilla, Director General of Information Systems at the Federal Court of Administrative Justice.

Francisco Martha, General Director of Digital Business Development at Grupo Financiero Banorte, added: “For Banorte, this is undeniably a fundamental milestone that will allow us to accelerate our digital transformation and boost initiatives that we are exploring with Google Cloud within the regulatory framework. For Mexico, it is a turning point in the digitization process that we already see taking place in many of our clients, partners and suppliers.”

From retail and media & entertainment to financial services, healthcare and public sector, leading organizations come to Google Cloud as their trusted innovation partner. We help organizations digitally transform and become the best tech company in their industry, across five key areas: 

  • Understanding and using data: Google Cloud helps customers become smarter and make better decisions with a unified data platform. We help customers reduce complexity and combine unstructured and structured data — wherever it resides — to quickly and easily produce valuable insights. 

  • Establishing an open foundation for growth: When customers move to Google Cloud, they get a flexible, secure and open platform that evolves with their organization. Our commitment to multicloud, hybrid cloud, and open source offers organizations the freedom of choice, allowing their developers to build faster and more intuitively.

  • Creating a collaborative environment: In today’s hybrid work environment, Google Cloud provides the tools needed to transform how people connect, create, and collaborate. 

  • Securing systems and users: As every company rethinks its security posture, we help customers protect their data using the same infrastructure and security services that Google uses for its own operations. 

  • Building a cleaner, more sustainable future: Google has been carbon-neutral since 2007, and we are working toward a revolutionary goal to operate entirely on carbon-free energy by 2030. Today, when customers run on Google Cloud — the cleanest cloud in the industry — their workloads are already matched with 100% renewable energy. We help customers decarbonize their applications and infrastructure with technologies like Carbon Footprint and Active Assist

Local customers will benefit from key controls that enable them to maintain low latency and the highest security, data residency, and compliance standards, including specific data storage requirements. We will work with our local and regional customers to ensure the cloud region fits their unique and evolving needs. 

This cloud region will be the latest investment to support the digital transformation of Mexican organizations. In the last year, we’ve opened a support center to boost local companies, as well as global companies with operations in Mexico. We also opened a delivery center and grew our team in Monterrey to support the local ecosystem. Meanwhile, with initiatives such as Capacita+, Grow with Google for Women in STEM, and learning programs in the southeast of the country, we are working to grow digital skills and training opportunities for technologists in Mexico. 

Learn more about our global cloud infrastructure, including new and upcoming regions.

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