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Google Cloud Next for security: 6 essential sessions

October 10, 2022
Google Cloud Content & Editorial

Zero Trust. Securing the software supply chain. Policy controls. And what about Mandiant? We have so many cool and interesting security sessions coming this week at Google Cloud Next, it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with these six must-watch security sessions to add to your playlist:

1. SEC101 What’s next for security professionals?

Kick off your Next Security journey with Mandiant’s Sandra Joyce, Charles Schwab’s Bashar Abouseido, and our own Sunil Potti on Google Cloud’s vision for security. Here you’ll get a first look at many of our latest innovations, and learn from other security industry leaders on how Google Cloud can help secure your digital transformation — and bring cloud-first security capabilities everywhere you operate.

2. SEC104 Google + Mandiant: Transforming Security Operations and Incident Response

Take a deeper dive into the role that the Mandiant team will play as they join Google Cloud. A leader in dynamic cyber defense, threat intelligence and incident response services, Mandiant shares our cybersecurity vision to help organizations improve their threat, incident and exposure management.

3. SEC300 How Goldman Sachs bolstered their security posture through policy management and controls

Learn how Goldman Sachs thinks about and approaches building a strong security posture using Google Cloud controls for defense-in-depth. This session will also cover how other customers use Google Cloud tools to help manage and enforce their policies.

4. DEI102 Women in security

In this panel led by Sri Subramanian, our Head of Product for Cloud Identity and Access Management, you’ll get to meet and hear from women in security leadership roles at organizations working with Google Cloud. These leaders play a critical role in driving innovation and security in their organizations and across the industry.

5. SEC100 From dependencies to deployment: How to secure your software supply chain

Software supply chain security is vitally important to the future of… well, everything. In this session, learn more about how Google Cloud can help secure your software supply chain with best practices and a comprehensive yet modular toolset covering dev, supply, CI/CD, and runtime protection.

6. MOD107 Secure your cloud infrastructure, the Google way

Google secures the largest web apps and services on earth. We’ve learned a few things along the way about how to secure cloud infrastructure — compute, data, and network. This session will focus on examples of how to better protect your infrastructure services from cyber threats with controls that are designed in and at your disposal, without compromising performance.

To explore the full catalog of breakout sessions and labs designed for security professionals, check out the Secure track in the Next ‘22 Catalog.

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