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Introducing the Google Cloud Security Showcase

August 7, 2020
Sam Lugani

Group Product Manager, Google

Rob Sadowski

Trust & Security Lead, Google Cloud

Security is at the heart of any cloud journey. On the one hand, as you adopt cloud services and move workloads to the cloud, you need to make sure you’re conforming to your established security policies. On the other hand, you can take advantage of new capabilities, use new tools, and help improve your security posture. We’ve had many conversations with our users to understand the most pressing security use cases they want to address in their cloud environments, and shared our expertise on how we can help. With the Google Cloud Security Showcase we want to share these insights with everyone.

The Google Cloud Security Showcase is a video resource that’s focused on solving security problems and helping you create a safer cloud deployment. The showcase currently has almost 50 step-by-step videos on specific security challenges or use cases—complete with actionable information to help you solve that specific issue—so there’s sure to be something for every security professional. In this blog we’ll highlight some of these use cases and example videos across major security domains to show what the Google Cloud Security Showcase is and how it can help you. 

Topic: infrastructure security
The videos in this section show how you can take advantage of key features in Google Cloud’s secure-by-design infrastructure.

How can I isolate my containerized workloads?

Topic: network security
The videos in this area describe how to use Cloud products to define and enforce your perimeter and allow for network segmentation, remote access, and DoS defense.

How do I protect my web applications against DDoS attacks?

Other examples from this topic include How do I implement Hierarchical Firewall Policies? and How do I use Packet Mirroring to manage network traffic and detect anomalies?

Topic: endpoint security
The videos in this section demonstrate how to use Cloud controls that help secure endpoints and prevent device compromise with device hardening, device management, and patch and vulnerability management.

How do I configure my G Suite deployment to best protect my devices?

Other examples from this topic include How do I manage Windows 10 devices within my organization? and How can I secure user data with ephemeral mode on a Chrome Enterprise device?

Topic: data security
The videos here detail how you can employ data discovery, data governance, and native controls that help prevent loss, leakage, and exfiltration.

How can I protect the confidentiality of workloads while they’re processed?

Other examples from this topic include How can I protect my GCP VMs from rootkits and bootkits? and How do I protect data in GCP using my own externally stored encryption keys?

Topic: identity and access management
The videos here detail ways you can use our platforms to manage and secure employee, partner, and customer identities, and their access to apps and data, both in the cloud and on-premises.

How do I protect my high-risk users with the advanced protection program?

Other examples from this topic include How do I add authentication and identity management to my apps? and How do I control access to web apps and VMs?

Topic: application security
The videos on this topic detail how to better protect your applications with application testing, scanning, and API security features.

How can I catch web app vulnerabilities before they are pushed into production?

Other examples from this topic include How do I control which third-party apps have access to my data? and How do I use reCAPTCHA Enterprise to protect my website from fraud?

Topic: security monitoring and operations
The videos in this section describe how to monitor for malicious activity, handle security incidents, and support your operational processes for preventing, detecting, and responding to threats.

How do I manage threats inside and outside Google Cloud Infrastructure?

Other examples from this topic include How do I manage misconfigurations in Google Cloud resources? and How do I investigate a phishing attack with Chronicle?

Topic: Governance, risk, and compliance
Videos here show how our controls, tools, and certifications can help support governance and compliance processes, including audits and risk assessments and compliance reporting.

How can Assured Workloads for Government help me meet regulatory compliance requirements?

Other examples from this topic include How can I control how long data is retained? and How do I make sure my Google Cloud deployment meets Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks?

These examples just scratch the surface of what’s available. We hope the security showcase makes it easier for IT admins and developers to protect your organization while saving time and effort. For the rest of the use-case-based security videos, check out our YouTube playlist.

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