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Effective On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training, Anywhere, Any Time

June 15, 2021

Written by: Shanyn Ronis

Organizations and security teams are increasingly aiming for intelligence-led security to maximize risk mitigation programs, reduce the impact of critical security events, and ultimately enhance their threat awareness and security posture. They’re beginning to acknowledge the reality that security expertise, staffing and actionable threat data must align, and that cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is essential to safely cross the finish line.

In fact, adoption of CTI has gained significant momentum over the past 12 months. According to Forrester, decision-makers now subscribe to an average of 7.5 commercial threat intelligence services (Forrester Wave: ETIS Q1 2021 and Forrester Analytics’ Business Technographics) and threat intelligence reporting has become the most important SOC activity (Ponemon January 2021)

Yet, based on our own observations, rapid adoption of CTI often produces unsatisfactory experiences for many organizations, with common problems such as siloes of CTI coverage, poor identification of expired data, or inadequate intelligence requirements. In many cases, these challenges with application of CTI can be attributed to a combination of lack of staff and lack of skills to utilize CTI.

Mandiant’s Commitment to Prepare Security Teams

On June 15, we took an important step forward in our commitment to prepare security teams of all sizes and announced Mandiant On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training. Backed by more than 15 years of front-line expertise and accessible 24/7, this on-demand training provides a cost-effective approach that empowers cyber security teams to effectively use intelligence across different job roles, at different skill levels.

At Mandiant, we see two groups of audiences for this new offering:

  1. Global security organizations that want greater value from their cyber intelligence investments can improve the analytic tradecraft of their analysts and cyber operators, while mitigating talent deficits, constant personnel turnover, or lack of continuity in a standard set of skills.
  2. Because of its price point, this training also targets individual security analysts or frequent intelligence consumers. Many of these users are struggling to get their foot in the door due to the traditionally high cost of training and certification requirements. They also struggle to meet the constantly evolving demands of their current job role and want to better use intelligence for their career progression.

What to Expect

The cost-effective on-demand training developed by top experts in the field is accessible 24/7 from anywhere via web browser. Training focuses on sharpening the skills of cyber analysts and operators who need to excel in their jobs today while building skills for continued career growth or to combat new threats tomorrow.

More than just a computer-based training course, Mandiant On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training engages users via:

  • Professionally-crafted videos featuring subject matter experts (SMEs) who explain and explore key tradecraft concepts.
  • Formative assessments throughout the course to help students identify areas requiring reinforcement/further study, and areas where they excel.
  • Case studies drawn from real-world experiences and seminal events in the history of cyber security.

Benefits and Bonuses

With this new offering, Mandiant changes what we've come to expect from traditional, expensive, offline training sessions:

  • Learn anywhere, anytime. As most security teams work in hybrid environments (home and office), courses can be accessed 24/7 in a standard web browser (including mobile browsers).
  • Get cyber intelligence tradecraft from the experts. Content is created by SMEs, and students can learn how to conduct analysis the Mandiant way.
  • Test skills against real-world scenarios and case studies drawn from our front-line expertise. Training concepts are explored through real-world scenarios and case studies. After completion of the courses, users receive a certificate that can be submitted for CPE credits.

Mandiant On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training now offers three different trainings, with more training courses coming available each quarter.

Learn more about Mandiant On-Demand Cyber Intelligence Training, and for additional information, listen to our podcast now.

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