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Accelerate GCP Foundation Buildout with automation

December 20, 2019
Morgante Pell

Strategic Cloud Engineer

Tony DiGangi

Infrastructure Cloud Consultant

We know from working with customers that starting your cloud journey can be daunting. Fortunately, there are a variety of formal options to help you on your way, such as engaging trusted advisors in the Google Cloud Professional Services Organization or one of the many partners in the Google Cloud universe.

To further accelerate your cloud journey, we recently released the Cloud Foundation Toolkit, templates that will help you rapidly build a strong cloud foundation according to best practices.

The Cloud Foundation Toolkit provides a series of reference templates built by the Google Cloud Professional Services team with help from partners, and with a focus on foundational elements of Google Cloud Platform. These modules are available for both the popular Terraform infrastructure-as-code framework, as well as our own Cloud Deployment Manager

The templates themselves are entirely open source and available freely on GitHub. 

Top Cloud Foundation Toolkit modules
The Cloud Foundation Toolkit already includes about 60+ Terraform modules and 50+ Deployment Manager modules (and counting). Below are some of the most popular and fundamental GCP components according to GitHub repo stars and watches to get you started:

Getting started
To get started with using the Cloud Foundations Toolkit, first you need to understand Terraform or Deployment Manager. Then, to start using the toolkit itself, check out the Project Factory and GCP Folders modules. Please watch this quick demo to learn more about the Deployment Manager integration, or this video to learn how to use Cloud Foundations Toolkit with Terraform. Be sure to watch/star your favorite Cloud Foundation Toolkit repos and provide feedback by raising issues in their respective repositories.

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