DevOps & SRE

Introducing the Google SRE Prodcast


We're excited to announce the launch of the Google SRE Prodcast, an interview-style podcast where Site Reliability Engineers at Google discuss key SRE concepts and share their experiences, advice, and strong opinions along the way.

Since early 2016, SREs at Google have been producing and listening to an internal version of the Prodcast. This year, we decided to think bigger and share insights from Google SREs with the wider SRE community.

The resulting Prodcast that we're launching today is a series of conversations inspired by concepts from the SRE Book. Over the course of nine episodes, domain experts explain, challenge, and reframe everything from SLOs to what it means to be an excellent SRE.

We had so much fun creating this series with our guests, and we hope you enjoy it. Check the SRE Prodcast out at!