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2024 DORA survey now live: share your thoughts on AI, DevEx, and platform engineering

April 25, 2024
Nathen Harvey

Developer Advocate

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Is your team keeping up with the rapid pace of change? Are you able to meet your customers' expectations while delivering business value and maintaining a healthy team? Take 15 minutes to complete the 2024 DORA Survey. Your participation provides insights for our ongoing research and gives you a moment to reflect on how your team is doing today.

For more than a decade, DORA has been researching the capabilities of technology-driven teams and the ways these teams improve key outcomes like:

  • Software delivery performance: How quickly and reliably teams can deliver software changes.

  • Organizational performance: How effectively organizations achieve their business goals.

  • Team well-being: How work practices and culture impact the well-being of software development teams.

DORA's annual survey is now open and we encourage you and your team to participate now.

Key findings from 2023

DORA's Accelerate State of DevOps Report 2023 included a number of key findings and insights that can help your team improve.

  • More than half of respondents were using AI for some technical tasks. We expect to see an increase this year!

  • Culture is foundational to building technical capabilities.

  • High-quality documentation leads to 25% higher team performance.

  • Teams with faster code reviews realize a 50% improvement in software delivery performance.

2024 and beyond

Broadly applicable

DORA's research benefits from inputs for a wide variety of roles working in every industry, and provides insights to teams working on all types of applications and services.

Who should take the survey? We are interested in learning from anyone who is working on or with technology-driven teams. Here are a few roles that will provide valuable input for our research and can benefit from taking the survey.

  • Technology leaders

  • Product managers

  • Architects

  • Software developers

  • Quality engineers

  • Compliance and security professionals

  • Operators

  • Site reliability engineers

  • Platform engineers

  • User experience professionals

  • Release engineers

  • And more 

The survey is anonymous and platform agnostic; we are trying to understand how you work to deliver great customer experiences while maintaining a healthy, productive team.

A moment of reflection

The 15 minutes you spend taking the survey can serve as a moment of reflection. Careful consideration of the survey's questions often helps shine a light on areas that you and your team can improve. Some teams have found value in dedicating time for everyone to take the survey and then spend 20-30 minutes discussing the experience. Here are some questions that you might use with your team to facilitate a discussion.

  • Which questions were difficult to answer and why?

  • Which areas do you feel we could improve as a team?

  • Where do you feel we are excelling as a team?

  • What one thing would you like us to try as a team?

A look to the future

DORA has always tried to understand and evaluate the impact of emerging trends. This year is no different. The industry continues to see a rapid rate of change and there are some new technologies, topologies, and approaches that teams are prioritizing. This year we're trying to learn from you about your efforts in three key areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Last year we asked the importance of AI in your daily work. This year we are expanding our inquiry in this area to better understand how AI is changing your work and the impact of those changes. How is AI impacting organizational performance?
  • Platform Engineering - We want to better understand how your organization is approaching platform engineering. Platform engineering may include both technologies and teams. How does platform engineering impact software delivery performance?
  • Developer Experience - What is your overall experience like as you work to deliver for your customers? How does your experience impact the value you're able to deliver?

DORA helps teams like yours

Insights from DORA's research and adopting the practices that predict improved performance have helped technology-driven teams in organizations around the world. ANZ, Sabre, and wayfair are just three examples.


“To successfully supercharge our DevOps evolution, ANZx decided to adopt the … practices found in the DORA research program.”


“Between the technology and DORA research principles Google Cloud helped us introduce, we saw notable improvements in the five essential characteristics of cloud computing.”


“Mostly we're using the DORA metrics. broad metrics that really take effect over the broad developer ecosystem are we, in fact, making things faster, better?”

Your voice matters

Your anonymous input is an important part of our research process and helps shape our collective understanding of the state of technology-driven teams. Set aside 15 minutes to take the survey, reflect on the experience, and take the next step in your journey of continuous improvement. This year's survey is available in English, Español, Français, Português, 日本語, and 简体中文. Don't delay, the survey will be closing soon.

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