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Top 5 Takeaways from Data Cloud Summit ‘22

April 12, 2022
Anita Kibunguchy-Grant

Head of Product Marketing, Databases

To compete in a fast moving, transforming, and increasingly digital world, every team, business, process and individual needs to level up the way they think about data. Which is why this year at our Data Cloud Summit 2022, we saw record turnout, both in volume and diversity of attendance. Our thanks go out to all the customers, partners, and data community who made it such a great success!

Did you miss out on the live sessions? Not to worry - all the content is now available on demand

Here are the five biggest areas to catch up on from Data Cloud Summit 2022:

#1: Product announcements to level up your data skills

Data is no longer solely the realm of the analyst. Every team, customer and partner needs to be able to interact with the data they need to achieve their goals. To help them do so, we announced 15 new products, capabilities and initiatives that help remove limits for our users. Here are some highlights:

  • BigLake allows companies to unify data warehouses and lakes to analyze data without worrying about the underlying storage format or system. 
  • Spanner change streams tracks Spanner inserts, updates, deletes, and streams the changes in real-time across the entire Spanner database so that users will always have access to the latest data. 
  • Cloud SQL Insights for MySQL helps developers quickly understand and resolve database performance issues for MySQL
  • Vertex AI Workbench delivers a single interface for data and ML systems. 
  • Connected Sheets for Looker and the ability to access Looker data models within Data Studio combine the best of both worlds of BI, giving you centralized, governed reporting where you need it, without inhibiting open-ended exploration and analysis.

More product news announced at Data Cloud Summit can be found here.

#2: Customers to learn from

Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and that was evident at the Data Cloud Summit. Wayfair, Walmart, Vodafone, ING Group, Forbes, Mayo Clinic, Deutsche Bank, Exabeam and PayPal all spoke about their use of Google’s Data Cloud to accelerate data-driven transformation. Check out some of their sessions to learn more:

We also heard from you directly! Here are some great quotes from the post-event survey:

“This is the first time that I have been exposed to some of these products. I am a Google Analytics, Data Studio, Search Console, Ads and YouTube customer...so this is all very interesting to me. I'm excited to learn about BigQuery and try it out.”

“The speakers are very knowledgeable, but I appreciate the diversity in speakers at these cloud insights.”

“Great experience because of the content and the way that it is presented.”

“This is definitely useful to new Google Admin Managers like I am.”

“This was a great overview of everything new in such a short time!”

#3: Partners to deliver the best customer experiences

Our partner ecosystem is critical to delivering the best experience possible for our customers. With more than 700 partners powering their applications using Google Cloud, we are continuously investing in the ecosystem. At Data Cloud Summit, we announced a new Data Cloud Alliance, along with the founding partners Accenture, Confluent, Databricks, Dataiku, Deloitte, Elastic, Fivetran, MongoDB, Neo4j, Redis, and Starburst, to make data more portable and accessible across disparate business systems, platforms, and environments—with a goal of ensuring that access to data is never a barrier to digital transformation. In addition, we announced a new Database Migration Program to accelerate your move to managed database services. Many of these partners delivered sessions of their own at Data Cloud Summit 2022:

#4: Product demos to elevate your product knowledge

Experts from Google Cloud delivered demos giving a hands-on look at a few of the latest innovations in Google’s Data Cloud:

Additional demos are available here on-demand.

#5: Resources to dig into

If you want to go even deeper than the Summit sessions themselves, we’ve put together a great list of resources and videos of on-demand content to help you apply these innovations in your own organization. Here are some of the highlights:

Thanks again for joining us at this year’s Data Cloud Summit. Join us again at Applied ML Summit June 9, 2022!

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