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12 smart analytics sessions to check out at Next OnAir

August 10, 2020
Sudhir Hasbe

Sr. Director of Product Management, Google Cloud

Business leaders are looking to generate unmatched value from their data to drive competitive advantage and accelerate digital transformation. Digital innovators are tapping into new customer opportunities, using data to deliver new experiences and disrupt industries. At Google Cloud, we're building a smart analytics platform that is open, intelligent, and flexible and offers a simple path to modernization.

As part of Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir, we’ll spend this week exploring how you can incorporate analytics into your business. Take a look at these can’t-miss sessions (available starting at 9am PT tomorrow, August 11, and available on-demand afterward), or explore the full schedule

This year, we’re also highlighting our recent acquisition of Looker, a leading business intelligence and analytics platform. Looker serves as an example of our ongoing investment to support our customers’ success with data modernization and maximizing data’s potential–no matter where it resides. 

  1. What’s new and what’s next in smart analytics: Join Debanjan Saha, GM and VP of Engineering for Data Analytics at Google Cloud to hear about the latest innovations in Google Cloud’s smart analytics platform. Many data platform architectures in use today were designed 20 years ago, and they’re struggling to solve modern business problems. You’ll get details on our data analytics solutions, and learn about some of our latest innovations, plus hear from current customers like Procter & Gamble on how they’re using analytics for product development and consumer experience transformation.
  2. Smart analytics: deep dive on roadmap: Take a comprehensive tour through the technical value of Google Cloud’s smart analytics platform. You’ll hear from Director of Product Management Sudhir Hasbe on what’s new and what’s next in Google Cloud’s smart analytics portfolio across products like BigQuery, Dataflow, Dataproc, Data Fusion, Pub/Sub, Data Catalog, Dataprep, and Looker. 
  3. What's new in BigQuery, Google Cloud's modern data warehouse: There’s a lot of pressure on businesses to access fresh information to make real-time decisions—and start to go beyond real time to make predictions based on data. In this session, you’ll hear about new features in BigQuery, our cloud data warehouse designed to help you adapt and succeed in quickly changing environments. 
  4. Analytics in a multi-cloud world with BigQuery Omni: Using multi-cloud is a necessity for many businesses, and can help speed up digital transformation journeys. Join this session to learn about our recently announced BigQuery Omni, a flexible, multi-cloud analytics solution, powered by Anthos, that helps organizations analyze data in AWS and Azure (coming soon).
  5. Data QnA: how Veolia democratizes access to BigQuery: In this session, you’ll get details on the newly announced Data QnA, a service that empowers business users to simply ask questions of their data in BigQuery, using natural language, and get an answer immediately. See how Veolia, a global leader in water, waste and energy resource management solutions, is using Data QnA to democratize access to analytics across their teams.
  6. Looker's roadmap: 2020 and beyond: Data and analytics platform Looker, a recent addition to Google Cloud, brings data experiences that fit the way people work. In this session, you’ll get a look at Looker’s product roadmap, including upcoming features and new projects.
  7. Building data lakes on Google Cloud: Data lakes let you aggregate data and analyze it efficiently using cloud-native or open source tools, no matter where data is managed. Join this session to hear from one company that built a data lake using Google Cloud technologies and learn more about how you can simplify data lake deployment and management within your organization.
  8. Easy access to stream analytics with Google Cloud: Real-time is growing at an exponential rate, and streaming analytics for app and user events keep growing in importance. Customers expect businesses to be 0aware and prepared in the moment. Join this session to learn about cloud developments that can help you create and manage real-time, data-driven experiences. 
  9. Best practices from experts to maximize BigQuery performance (featuring Twitter): BigQuery lets you deploy complex workloads and run fast analytics on your data. In this session, learn tips and tricks from Google Cloud and Twitter engineers on how you can maximize the query performance of your data warehouse and speed up analytics within your environment. 
  10. Looker and BigQuery: enterprise digital transformation at Sunrun: See how solar electricity provider Sunrun used Looker and BigQuery to modernize its legacy systems. Sunrun’s cloud migration helped teams reduce the complexity of ETL processes, improve database performance, and adapt quickly to changes in data infrastructure.   
  11. Awesome new features to help you manage BigQuery: Our serverless analytics platform BigQuery brings scalability and performance to all kinds of users. In this session, you’ll learn about details related to pricing, administration, and monitoring in BigQuery, all designed to provide flexibility that works best for your business and users.
  12. BigQuery ML: what's new: BigQuery lets you build and operationalize machine learning models in BigQuery using standard SQL. Join this session to hear about new features and model types in BigQuery ML, and hear how Demandbase has used BigQuery ML successfully for predictive analytics.

In addition to these, you’ll find 30 additional data analytics sessions from Googlers, customers, and partners exploring what’s new in data-driven initiatives. And check out study jams, talks by developer advocates, and other ways to learn more.

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