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Containers & Kubernetes

Kubernetes: Ready for a starring role at the movies, and in your architecture?

February 28, 2022
Eric Brewer

VP of Infrastructure & Google Fellow

Customers are using Kubernetes as the core technology for the transformation cloud era and for many, cloud-native has become synonymous with container-native. Kubernetes builds on 15 years of running Google's containerized workloads and the important contributions from the open source community. Inspired by Google’s internal cluster management system, Borg, Kubernetes makes everything associated with deploying and managing your application easier.  

Recently honeypot.io launched the Kubernetes documentary film that captures the story directly from the people who made it possible, outlining how Google engineers set to work on the container orchestrator that would come to be known as Kubernetes. We have come a long way since Google open-sourced Kubernetes and later made it available to everyone through CNCF. 

Our deep belief in open source led not only to Kubernetes, but more broadly to our position that open source is worth investment and that leadership is based on action: contributing back, driving positive change, and working with partners and foundations. In turn, our customers benefit from our “open cloud” leadership and our investment in open source ecosystems and communities. 

Kubernetes is not just a technology, it's a model for creating value for your business, a way of developing apps and services and a means to secure and develop cloud-native IT capabilities for innovation. Google delivers the best infrastructure to run key, cloud native, open source projects — all based on Kubernetes at its core. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) makes it easy to recognize the benefits of innovation initiatives without getting bogged down troubleshooting infrastructure issues and managing day-to-day operations related to enterprise-scale container deployment.

The year 2021 saw record adoption of containers and Kubernetes among organizations worldwide. At the same time, built on open source Kubernetes, GKE has become the fully automated, most scalable and cost optimized Kubernetes service in the market. Only GKE provides fully automated cluster lifecycle management, including upgrades and backup/restore. The new revolutionary autopilot mode automatically applies industry best practices and can eliminate all node management operations. We believe new autoscaling in GKE, which allows customers to run 15,000 node clusters, outscales the competition by up to 10 times. GKE provides the industry-first cost optimization capabilities. Other unique features include pre-integrated cluster, node, and container logging and monitoring for system data, all available in one consolidated dashboard.  

Latest analyst ratings and feedback confirm GKE’s leadership in the market. In the Gartner Public Cloud Kubernetes Scorecard, GKE’s overall solution score was 92 out of 100, where AWS EKS and Azure AKS scored 87 and 82, respectively. Likewise, in the recent Forrester WaveTM Container Platforms Q1 2022, Google Cloud ranked well ahead of competition because of its leadership in container management. 

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