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API Management

Why APIs Are Products--Not One-off Projects

June 4, 2018
Olaf de Senerpont Domis

While it’s tempting to deploy an API as a one-time fix, leading companies have stopped thinking of APIs as special projects with limited extensibility. There’s been a dramatic shift: APIs are now seen as strategic products for developers, with full lifecycles and long-term roadmaps that evolve to meet business needs.

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In this webcast replay, learn how companies are creating specialized teams to design, deliver, and manage API products. We explore why APIs are a hot topic not only in IT conversations, but also in the boardroom.

We also discuss:

  • How to avoid big mistakes that limit success in the experience-driven economy
  • Why customer obsession is essential to building APIs that evolve
  • Why growth starts with APIs that are easy for developers to consume
  • How to move fast and build your first minimum viable API product
  • Why your API team should bring together business and IT stakeholders
To learn more about how to design and manage APIs as full lifecycle products that empower developers, download the new eBook The API Product Mindset.

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