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Apigee's Top API Editorials of Q2

A look back at the articles and blog posts we published in the past quarter.

From the nuances of managing microservices to best practices for ecosystem participation to the ways digital disruption has rippled across specific industries, a wide variety of trends and topics has been on the minds of developers, IT architects, and business leaders.

It has given Apigee’s deep bench of “thought leaders” a lot to write about during the past three months. Over the last quarter, we’ve published 16 new columns to help organizations harness their APIs to develop new services faster, improve efficiency, and accelerate their digital transformations.

In case you missed some of them, here’s a look back at the editorials we published in the past quarter.

Digital transformation best practices

Digital Transformation: Necessary vs. Sufficient by Jim Haar in CIO Dive

Digital transformation is a multifaceted challenge. Many technologies are necessary but few if any of them are likely to be sufficient on their own.

When Culture is a Cop-Out by John Rethans in Forbes

Why the tendency to label complex organizational operations as “culture” can be counterproductive.

Your Demand Chain is Dying by Michael Endler in Medium

The ways we buy things and consume services in a world of ubiquitous connectivity, proliferating mobile devices, and agile software experiences are different than the ways we did those things in the analog days.

A poorly-executed strategy can topple even previously successful companies.

“Digital Transformation” is a Misnomer by Michael Endler in Medium

Digital transformation is neither just about digital nor about transforming from one thing into another; it’s about gaining the ability to perpetually evolve the entire business.

Busting 5 Digital Transformation Myths by John Rethans in Medium

As enterprises continue to invest in digital transformation, numerous anti-patterns have emerged—and businesses that want to succeed should take care to avoid them.

The Phases of Digital Transformation by Anant Jhingran and Michael Endler in CIO

How enterprises are accelerating their digital transformations by focusing on small, fast-moving teams, ecosystem participation, and machine intelligence.

Moving Faster with a Product Mindset by John Rethans and Michael Endler in Medium

Why businesses looking to evolve faster should focus on three core tenets: outside-in thinking, minimum viable products, and product maturity through iteration.

API management best practices

Using Metrics to Measure API-Driven Ecosystem Value by Chris Von See in Medium

A business can’t manage what it can’t measure—which is why businesses that are serious about digital transformation should embrace new metrics.

Often, the difference between a future of options and a future of dead ends involves how a company designs and manages its APIs.

Understand the Power of Internal APIs by Brian Pagano in InformationWeek

Why missing the transition from legacy integration to using APIs to connect internal systems may prove the difference between success and failure.

Many enterprises have leveraged APIs and microservices to transform their businesses—but to succeed, it’s important to understand how these technologies work together.

So You Want to Monetize Your APIs? by John Rethans in Medium

Some APIs provide access to data or functions that are so valuable, the API provider can charge developers for access and even use the API to create new lines of business—but how does an enterprise know if its APIs are right for monetization?

Open Banking, PSD2, and GDPR

Will Branches Survive the Shift to Digital? by David Andrzejek in The Financial Brand

With the ubiquity of mobile apps, many people’s banking habits rely less and less on ATMs and other forms of physical infrastructure. What is the right branch strategy for the digital era?

Banking After GDPR: Consent and Agility by Paul Rohan in BankNews

As a consequence of technological and regulatory forces, new cornerstones have emerged in banking: consent and agility.

For many banks, the most lucrative path may not be aspiring to be the platform at the center of an ecosystem so much as leveraging other ecosystem participants to offer better services and reach new customers and markets.

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