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Apigee Edge for Private Cloud 4.18.05 Is Here!

June 7, 2018
Rajesh Mishra

Nandan Sridhar

Product Manager

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Apigee Edge for Private Cloud 4.18.05. This release features native policies for JSON web tokens and RHEL 6.9/7.0 support.

JSON Web Tokens

JSON Web Tokens, or JWT, is now generally available. JWT is a token standard defined in IETF RFC 1759; it enables you to sign a set of claims (key value pairs) that can later be verified reliably by the JWT recipient.

Apigee Edge unified experience

The unified Apigee Edge experience, which is now in beta, improves API lifecycle management, from API design to development to publishing. This release includes improvements to the installation and configuration experience.

Software support

This release comes with support of RHEL 6.9, CentOS6.9, and OEL 6.9. Apigee recommends running the Apigee stack on the most recent OS releases.

We’ve also retired Apigee API BaaS and the Apigee monitoring dashboard. For more information, visit the deprecated features page in our documentation.

How to upgrade

We strongly encourage customers to upgrade to this new release to start benefiting from the added features, UI enhancements, and bug fixes. You can update Apigee Edge version 4.17.05, 4.17.09, and 4.18.01 to 4.18.05 directly. If you have a version that’s older than 4.17.05, you must first migrate to version 4.18.01 and then update to the latest version.

There’s a lot more to share than what we’ve covered here; additional details can be found in our release notes. Visit Apigee Community to ask questions, leave feedback, or start a conversation.

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