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AI & Machine Learning

6 must-see sessions on AI and machine learning at Next ‘18

June 26, 2018
Philippe Poutonnet

Product Marketing Lead, Cloud AI, Google Cloud

From ensuring the safety of baby food to finding the perfect bowl of ramen, machine learning has had a transformative effect on many industries. Our AI and machine learning sessions are amongst our most popular each year at Next, and this year we’re offering more than 75 on topics ranging from building a better chatbot to predictive maintenance. If you’re joining us at Next, here are 6 AI and machine learning sessions you don’t want to miss.

1. Spotlight: Cloud AI: How to Get Started Injecting AI Into Your Applications

Director of Product Management Rajen Sheth, Chief Scientist Fei-Fei Li, and Head of Cloud AI R&D Jia Li

Join three of Google Cloud's AI leaders for an in-depth tour of AI in 2018. Head of R&D Jia Li will explain how the Cloud AI development team learns from the experiences of real customers, and uses that insight to build technology that solves real world problems. Next, Director of Project Management Rajen Sheth will moderate a live conversation with Bloomberg and Disney on how they've used Cloud AI to transform the way they work. Finally, Chief Scientist Fei-Fei Li will share Google's latest efforts to ensure AI behaves fairly and ethically, and in accordance with regulation—even at scale.

2. Architecting Live NCAA Predictions: From Archives to Insights

Developer Advocate Eric Schmidt

Learn more on how we built an advertising campaign that delivered real-time predictions during the NCAA Final Four. Cloud Developer Advocate Eric Schmidt will walk you through the process of generating live predictions from batch data and streamed game-time inputs.

3. Create Customer Value with Google Cloud AI

Cloud AI Product Marketing Lead Philippe Poutonnet and Director of Product Management Rajen Sheth

The impact of AI on the future of our economy is undeniable. Is your business ready to adopt AI? Are you able to move past the "how" of big data so you can obtain insights from it? At Google, data doesn’t lead the conversation with questions of how or where, instead data leads you straight to what’s next. Google Cloud AI presents an immediate opportunity for businesses to build and accelerate their AI strategy. In this session, you’ll get an overview of how Google Cloud AI can supercharge your AI strategy and help you efficiently infuse the power of AI into your business applications.

4. From Zero to ML on Google Cloud Platform with GIPHY

Cloud Developer Advocates Zack Akil and Sara Robinson, GIPHY Director of R&D Nick Hasty

Cloud Developer Advocates Zack Akil and Sara Robinson will present with GIPHY’s Director of R&D, Nick Hasty, to explore how GIPHY rolled out machine learning models to auto-generate meaningful and relevant tags from user-uploaded GIFs, making them searchable without manual user annotation.

5. Machine Learning on Open Hybrid Clouds with Kubeflow with Elastifile

Product Manager David Aronchick and Elastifile VP Products and Business Development Allon Cohen

Hear from Product Manager David Aronchick and Allon Cohen, Eleastifile VP Products and Business Development, on how you can easily manage ML deployments with Kubernetes-based machine learning tool, Kubeflow.

6. TensorFlow, Deep Learning, and Modern Convolutional Neural Nets, Without a PhD

Developer Advocate Martin Gorner

Martin Gorner, Google Cloud Developer Advocate, will present his famed and perpetually popular session on neural network architectures, including tips, engineering best practices and pointers for applying these techniques to your projects and use cases. Back by popular demand from 2017, and designed for non-PhDs! (Though, of course, PhDs are still welcome.)

To learn more about these sessions and more, and to register, visit the Next ‘18 website. See you in San Francisco!

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