Fast, safe web browsing on Windows 10

Transition to Windows 10 without interruption

Chrome Browser maintains a consistent web experience for users across any OS, helping your business’s move to Windows 10 feel seamless.

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Centrally manage users on different operating systems
Chrome Browser reduces management tasks for IT admins during OS migrations.
Browser security
Manage Chrome Browser on Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS and enable legacy browser access.
Granular controls
Control browser policies at the user level through Microsoft® Active Directory™ and Group Policy.
Keep your current security settings as you switch over
Chrome Browser maintains your configurations throughout the transition.
Policy continuity
Easily migrate any of the 300+ Chrome Browser policies and configurations already set in your current environment.
Regular security updates
Keep your browser safe from known vulnerabilities before they happen, without the need for patching.
Rely on the browser that users prefer
Chrome Browser is used by over two billion people today.
Less disruption
Give users a familiar browser on a new OS to reduce the learning curve.
Seamless carryover
Access approved apps, extensions, and bookmarks with Chrome Sync.

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