Secure, trusted cloud access through Chrome Browser

Connect your employees across any operating system
Give users the freedom to work when, where, and how they want while keeping your business data safe. See the benefits for yourself. Find the right bundle to deploy and manage Chrome Browser for your enterprise.
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Get the benefits of Chrome Browser on Windows 10
Sync quickly. Stay productive. Protect users from vulnerabilities and threats. Chrome Browser gives you central management capabilities across any OS, including Windows.
  • Site isolation to prevent malicious hacks from spreading
  • 300+ policies like content filtering and site blacklisting
  • Countless extensions which can be managed through permissions
  • Stability, compatibility, and usability
  • Security is important because what we do is so sensitive. Chrome Browser helps us to manage security across every touch point, every laptop, every user in our organization.

    Mark Young, Chief Technology Officer, The Climate Corporation
    Stay secure
    Chrome Browser continuously improves security, helping you safeguard customer and business data across your enterprise.
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    Enhanced enterprise security
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    Safe Browsing
    Advanced malware and phishing protection gives employees a safe cloud experience.
    Regular security updates
    Users are protected from the latest security vulnerabilities — no patching required.
    Prevents malware and isolates malicious web pages that try to infect devices, monitor web activity, or steal data.
    Site isolation
    Makes it harder for untrusted websites to access or steal information from accounts on other sites.
    Enable users
    With Chrome Browser, users can access the full power of the web and customize their experience on any device.
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    Seamless access
    Unified user experience across different devices and operating systems.
    Thousands of extensions
    Easy to customize the browsing experience to fit each user’s needs.
    Cross-platform support
    Support for all users across all Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and mobile devices.
    Popular enterprise apps
    G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, Workday, SAP Fiori, UberConference, and more.
    Manage centrally
    Chrome Browser helps manage employee activity in the cloud, across all devices and platforms, now and in the future.
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    Managing Chrome Browser
    Manage Centrally Image
    Microsoft® Active Directory™ and Group Policy templates
    Allows granular browser-management policies at the user level in your current management environment.
    Cloud management portal
    Single destination for managing browser policies and settings across all Chrome Browser users.
    Browser update management
    Provides control over Chrome Browser’s update cycles to keep pace with your organization’s testing requirements.
    Legacy browser support
    Dynamically redirects to a legacy browser for specific apps as necessary.

    Enterprise support for Chrome Browser

    Get best practices, troubleshoot potential issues and avoid user downtime with Chrome Browser Enterprise Support. Available to organizations with over 1,000 users, this service offers 24/7 assistance from a team of Google experts.

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