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Ten new generative AI trainings to upskill in 2024 with Duet AI

January 18, 2024
Priyanka Vergadia

Head of North America Cloud Developer Advocacy

Jaime Farinos

Global Head of Cloud Learning Content

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Whether you’re an engineer or an email warrior, start 2024 strong by making a learning resolution to boost your productivity with generative AI.

Generative AI is playing a significant role in the future of technology, and Google Cloud has recently developed a range of training options to help you use generative AI in your daily job tasks through Duet AI, your AI-powered collaborator.

What is Duet AI?

Duet AI for Developers helps engineers of all types become more efficient in their daily activities. Use the Duet AI natural language chat interface to quickly get answers to cloud questions, or receive guidance on best practices. Whether you're writing apps, calling APIs, or querying data, Duet AI can help complete your code while you write, or generate code blocks based on comments.

Duet AI in Workspace is an add-on that provides generative AI features in Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail, and the full range of apps. With Duet AI in Workspace, users write, visualize, organize, and connect more meaningfully with Google collaboration solutions.

Check out our recommended list of 10 new trainings on Duet AI for Google Workspace and Duet AI for Google Cloud to learn how to use generative AI to improve your productivity and efficiency, whether you’re building apps or writing emails. And great news, you can try Duet AI for Developers today at no cost until Feb 1, 2024.

Top ten Duet AI training courses for 2024

Check out our recommended top ten list of short trainings available on Duet AI, for developers, data analysts, cloud engineers, architects, security engineers, and Workspace users. There is no cost to complete the courses. However, the technical labs require Google Cloud Skills Boost learning credits to complete.

  1. #LearnGenerativeAI on YouTube (60 seconds) - Learn the basics on what Duet AI is and how developers can use it.
  2. Introduction to Duet AI in Workspace (5 minutes) - Learn about the key features of Duet AI in Workspace and how it can improve productivity and efficiency.
  3. Duet AI for Application Developers (90 minutes) - Use Duet AI to assist in building an app, including a lab.
  4. Duet AI in Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets (30 minutes) - Get extra productive using Duet AI to help with content generation.
  5. Duet AI for Cloud Architects (90 minutes) - Use Duet AI to build multi-tier web apps, learn how to prompt Duet AI to explain infrastructure, deploy GKE clusters and update existing infrastructure, including a lab.
  6. Duet AI for Data Scientists and Analysts (2 hours) - Use Duet AI to analyze customer data and predict product sales, including a lab.
  7. Duet AI for Network Engineers (60 minutes) - Prompt Duet AI to provide specific guidance for your networking tasks, including a lab.
  8. Duet AI for Security Engineers (60 minutes) - Deploy example workloads into an environment in Google Cloud, identify and remediate security misconfigurations with Duet AI, including a lab.
  9. Duet AI for DevOps Engineers (100 minutes) - Learn how to prompt Duet AI to find and understand application logs, create a GKE cluster, and investigate how to create a build environment, and use Duet AI to improve DevOps workflow, including a lab.
  10. Duet AI for end-to-end SDLC (2 hours) - Learn how to develop and build a web application, fix errors in the application, develop tests, and query data with Duet AI, including a lab.

Learn more at a Duet AI roadshow event near you

New for 2024, Google Cloud Developer Relations and the Champion Innovators community have teamed up to host a series of in-person workshops across the globe to train developers on Duet AI. Take a look at the cities and dates available to join us for this no-cost Duet AI roadshow — the first workshop takes place in New York City on Feb. 2. Register here.

Make a commitment to start 2024 strong by trying a new generative AI training from our list this year and join the Google Cloud Innovators community to stay up to date on the latest from Google Cloud.

Got five minutes to spare? Whether you’re a data analyst, a network engineer, a cloud architect or an SRE, learn how you can use Duet AI in your role.

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