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Google Cloud offers new ways to build cloud skills and identify talent

November 10, 2023
Erin Rifkin

Google Cloud Learning, Managing Director

Magda Jary

Global Head of Google Cloud Credentials and Certifications

As the growth in cloud technology continues, so too does the demand for cloud-skilled professionals. To meet this demand, we’re sharing ways we are supporting businesses and professionals with new opportunities for training and certification.

Three new skill badges

Since June 2020, Google Cloud has been leading the way in awarding learning credentials, including skill badges and role-based certifications. To date, people have earned more than 1,500,000 Google Cloud skill badges, helping meet the need for more identifiable cloud-skilled talent.

Today, we’re excited to share that we've added three new skill badges, bringing our learning portfolio to 80+ skill badges covering in-demand topics ranging from security, data, and AI. To meet the global demand for cloud skills, several skill badges are available in 11 languages, with over 20 available in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

These three new skill badges reflect areas of particularly high demand and opportunity, including data architectures, cybersecurity, and AI:

  1. [Introductory] Build a Data Mesh with Dataplex
  2. [Intermediate] Mitigate Threats and Vulnerabilities with Security Command Center
  3. [Intermediate] Build Custom Processors with Document AI

Of note, the Generative AI Fundamentals skill badge, which launched in June 2023, has been Google Cloud’s most rapidly adopted skill badge in history, reflecting the tremendous interest from learners, employers, and customers to implement generative AI technology. This skill badge is available in 11 languages, and was recently made available in Ukrainian and Polish at the Google Cloud Summit in Poland.

Through skill badges, Google Cloud issues verified digital credentials, upon completion of skills-based assessments. These skill badges can be shared on social platforms, often used by recruiters to identify talent for open roles.

In 2022, Google Cloud commissioned a third-party research firm, Gallup, to conduct a global study on the impact of Google Cloud skill badges. Skill badge holders reported that they feel well equipped with the variety of skills gained through skill badge attainment, that they are more confident in their cloud skills, are excited to promote their skills to their professional network, and are able to leverage skill badges to achieve future learning goals, including a Google Cloud certification. Download the full skill badge impact report to learn more.

You can discover the full portfolio of 80+ skill badges available on Google Cloud Skills Boost.


A new model for certification renewal

In addition to skill badges, we recently launched a lab exam as a new model for renewing the Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) certification. The hands-on nature of the lab exam ensures that candidates are assessed on their ability to apply their skills to real-world scenarios. The exam can be completed at any time and from any location — accommodating busy professionals.

  • 94% of surveyed participants believe that the hands-on renewal experience allowed them to demonstrate their knowledge and experience as a Cloud Engineer.
  • 98% of surveyed participants reported that the hands-on renewal experience is one they would recommend to a colleague who needed to recertify.

The renewal lab exam is now available for the Google Cloud Associate Engineer certification. Eligible candidates will receive an invitation and will also see an announcement after logging into their Google Cloud Certification Account on the new CertMetrics portal. This new portal simplifies the certification experience for Google Cloud certified individuals. The portal is a one-stop shop that enables earners to update their profile information, schedule an exam, claim any certification benefits such as swag and exam discounts, view the latest Google Cloud news and announcements.

Helping businesses grow talent

This skills-based approach not only helps individuals in their job search, but also employers, looking to retain and develop their existing teams. Google Cloud partners like HCL and Cognizant have empowered their teams to earn thousands of Google Cloud skill badges, giving their employees hands-on experience and confidence to achieve future learning and career goals.

“Hands-on labs and skill badges have provided our learners at HCL with the motivation and engagement required to complete training – resulting in higher growth in certifications (145% YoY) achieved in our team in 2023. As a whole, Google Cloud skill badges help our teams quickly learn skills they need to deploy specific workloads.” - Dr. Narendra Singh Bhati, Vice President & Service Delivery Head, HCLTech

“At Cognizant, we’ve used Google Cloud skill badges to not only upskill talent to meet growing client requirements for AI modernization, but to drive excitement and engagement for our teams to progress their career path. We’ve recently celebrated our employees' proficiency with Google Cloud products and services, and recognized incremental achievements on their AI/ML learning journey with more than 3500 Generative AI Skill Badges earned.” - Brian DeLarber, Global Leader, Google Business Group, Cognizant

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