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Announcing new certifications for technical leaders and DevOps engineers

January 30, 2020
Rochana Golani

Google Cloud Learning Services Managing Director

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As the cloud continues to evolve, it’s paving the way for exciting innovations that were difficult to imagine even a few years ago. To take advantage of everything the latest cloud technology has to offer, organizations must be able to find people with the right combination of skills to make it happen. In 2020, Google Cloud will continue helping you along this path to modernization with some exciting new resources: 

  • The Google Cloud Certified Fellow program will identify and recognize technical leaders who can help organizations transform their business through hybrid- and multi-cloud technology.

  • The Cloud DevOps Engineer certification addresses the cloud skills shortage and helps organizations quickly identify qualified talent.

Google Cloud Certified Fellow program

The Google Cloud Certified Fellow program is a unique, invitation-only certification program for technical leaders who are experts in designing innovative enterprise solutions with Anthos—our open hybrid- and multi-cloud application platform that enables you to modernize your existing applications, build new ones, and securely run them anywhere. The program identifies experts who can effectively lead organizations through frictionless hybrid multi-cloud adoption. To become part of the program, Certified Fellows pass a series of rigorous assessments, including hands-on labs and a panel interview.

Twenty IT leaders are already part of the Google Cloud Certified Fellow program, and are using what they’ve learned to overcome their business challenges. 

“The Certified Fellow exam pushed my understanding of Anthos’ capabilities, and the certification provides me the platform to help educate the community about the latest technology and inspire people to become better engineers,“ said Chris Love, Google Cloud Certified Fellow and Principal Architect at LionKube. “I have been contributing to open-source projects for over ten years, so it’s important to me that I continue to give back to the community.” 

Not only does the Google Cloud Certified Fellow program equip these leaders with the technical skills and industry best-practices they need to solve cloud challenges, it identifies them as cloud experts to everyone in the industry. 

“I am proud of the recognition for my skill level from Google Cloud and my clients value the mastery it demonstrates,” said Zach Snee, Google Cloud Certified Fellow and Cloud Solutions Architect at Accenture. “Having representation in the Certified Fellow Program reinforces Accenture’s commitment to Cloud innovation and to our continued Google Cloud partnership.” 

Another important part of the program is providing an opportunity for certified leaders to connect with other Google Cloud Certified Fellows as well as with Google Cloud product and engineering leadership. 

“It is rare to have that many accomplished IT leaders in one place,” said Love. “Meeting with my peers during the Google Cloud Certified Fellow program was a highlight for me and something I look forward to doing again.” 

Cloud DevOps certification

DevOps is emerging as an integral part of digital transformation projects. The role of cloud DevOps engineers is to employ continuous change and rapid experimentation to help organizations transform quickly and meet changing customer demands. Unfortunately, DevOps engineering positions are currently one of the most difficult technical positions to fill

To address this skills shortage, we are offering a Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification. Now, cloud professionals can become industry recognized and clearly demonstrate to employers their expertise in efficient development operations with a focus on service reliability and delivery speed. 

We hope these programs help you achieve your cloud modernization goals. To learn more about our DevOps certification, and get a special discount on DevOps training, register for our Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer webinar. To start learning about how to architect hybrid-cloud infrastructure with Anthos, check out our training options.

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