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Introductory Google Cloud computing training for students now available on edX

December 15, 2022
Carl Tanner

Global Head of Learning Partnerships

Eva Lu

Global Lead, Learning Partnerships Development

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Google Cloud has a new partnership with edX, a leading global online learning platform from 2U, Inc.  and have launched a new Professional Certificate program on the platform. This new program will provide millions of learners with the skills needed to prepare for high-growth entry level cloud roles. It builds foundational cloud skills and prepares learners so they can continue their learning journey to a variety of cloud jobs such as Cloud Administrator, Cloud Developer, or Cloud Database Engineer.

“We are excited to launch our Google Cloud training content on the edX platform,” said Chris Pirie, Director of Google Cloud Learning Profile and Partnerships. “This partnership presents a fantastic opportunity for learners around the world to build in-demand cloud skills on a proven learning platform."

This new Google Cloud Professional Certificate program will bring edX’s global community of 45 million learners access to skills that are central to cloud basics, big data, machine learning, and where and how Google Cloud fits in. Registration is open for this new program, with courses beginning December 2022.

According to The Linux Foundation’s most recent Open Source Jobs Report, cloud skills are in higher demand than any other area of technology, with 61% of organizations increasing their use of cloud technologies last year. 

This new program is ideal for students in higher education and individuals looking to upskill for careers that require cloud skills. The four courses in the program; Cloud Computing Fundamentals, Infrastructure in Google Cloud, Networking and Security in Google Cloud, and Data, ML, and AI in Google Cloud, include hands-on labs available on Google Cloud Skills Boost.

After completing these beginner-level courses, learners will be able to articulate cloud concepts, demonstrate hands-on skills, and pursue more advanced training related to big data and machine learning, cloud-native application development, and cloud infrastructure.

“Google Cloud joins the ranks of leading companies and universities leveraging the edX platform to reach millions of learners worldwide with high-quality on-demand skills development,” said 2U Co-Founder and CEO Christopher “Chip” Paucek. “Google Cloud’s new certificate on edX will help create a broader and stronger ecosystem of cloud talent, with affordable, industry-specific training that complements the wide range of computer science degrees and big data courses offered by our partners on edX.org.” 

edX’s Professional Certificate programs are a series of courses designed by industry leaders to build and enhance critical professional skills needed to succeed in today's most in-demand fields. 

To enroll in Google Cloud Computing Foundations courses on edX, visit www.edx.org/professional-certificate/google-cloud-computing-foundations.

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