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Prepare for Google Cloud certification with one free month of new Professional Certificates on Coursera

October 22, 2020
Sagar Baliyara

Learning Partnerships and Programs Global Lead, Google Cloud

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2021 Update: The one month no-cost access is no longer available but you can sign up here to claim a 50% discount on your selected Google Cloud Professional Certificate on Coursera.

Coursera, one of our training partners, is offering one month of no-cost access to our growing portfolio of six Google Cloud Professional Certificates until November 191 to help you develop your cloud knowledge and prepare for the official Google Cloud certification exams. Industry-recognized Google Cloud certifications help you validate your cloud expertise, elevate your career, and transform businesses with Google Cloud technology. 

We’re also excited to announce that Google Cloud has launched three new Professional Certificates on Coursera: Google Cloud Networking Professional Certificate, Google Cloud Security Professional Certificate, and SRE and DevOps Engineer with Google Cloud Professional Certificate

Read on to find out which Professional Certificate program is right for you.

Google Cloud Networking Professional Certificate

This new certificate is for anyone interested in pursuing or furthering their career as a cloud network engineer. It helps you get ready for the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification exam. 

With this program, you’ll get hands-on training on how to design, plan, and prototype a Google Cloud network, implement a Google Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), configure network services, implement hybrid interconnectivity, and implement network security. 

Google Cloud Security Professional Certificate 

The new Google Cloud Security Professional Certificate helps you to take your cloud security engineering career to the next level and prepares you for Google Cloud’s Professional Cloud Security Engineer certification exam. 

You will have the opportunity to practice with hands-on labs and learn how to configure access within a cloud solution environment, configure network security, ensure data protection, manage operations within a cloud solution environment, and ensure compliance in this program. 

SRE and DevOps Engineer with Google Cloud Professional Certificate 

This new program prepares you to launch or advance your career as a cloud devops engineer and supports you in your preparation for the Google Cloud Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification exam. 

In this program, you’ll gain knowledge and participate in hands-on labs that will help you understand how to apply site reliability engineering principles to a service, optimize service performance, implement service monitoring strategies, manage service incidents, and build and implement CI/CD pipelines for a service. 

Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate

Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate is for those starting their careers as cloud engineers and prepares you for Google Cloud’s Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam. 

The certificate includes hands-on labs that will further your knowledge of how to set up a cloud solution environment; plan and configure a cloud solution; configure access and security; deploy and implement a cloud solution; and ensure successful operation of a cloud solution. 

Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud Professional Certificate

This program, which is for individuals interested in becoming or furthering their careers as cloud architects, helps you get ready to take the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification exam.

You’ll have a chance to participate in hands-on labs and learn how to design and plan a cloud solution architecture; manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure; design for security and compliance; analyze and optimize technical and business processes; manage implementations of cloud architecture; and ensure solution and operations reliability. 

Data Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate

Data Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate is for those looking to advance their career in data engineering and interested in taking Google Cloud’s Professional Data Engineer certification exam. 

This program includes hands-on labs to help teach you how to design data processing systems, build and operationalize data processing systems, operationalize machine learning models, and ensure solution quality. 

Get started here to get your one month, no-cost access to Coursera courses. In addition to access to the certificates, you’ll receive one year of exclusive access to Big Interview, which includes a resume builder, career coaching, connection to a network of Professional Certificate alums, and more.

1. Discount applied at checkout. Valid until November 19, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT, while supplies last. Coursera first month free promotion is only available to learners who have not previously paid for training on Coursera. A credit card is required to activate your free month. After the first month is over, your subscription will auto-renew to a $49 monthly charge until you cancel your Coursera subscription.
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