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Generative AI for developers: New no-cost labs in Google Cloud

October 6, 2023
Sowmya Kannan

Global Lead, Future Workforce

Priyanka Vergadia

Head of North America Cloud Developer Advocacy

Generative AI in Google

Google brings new AI capabilities to developers & businesses

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Looking to up your generative AI game? Now you can build your technical gen AI skills for Google Cloud environment in The Arcade, a no-cost, gamified learning experience that features new games each month. Every month, you’ll play games based on labs from Google Cloud Skills Boost to get hands-on experience with Google Cloud’s powerful AI tools: Vertex AI, and Generative AI Studio.

In addition to The Arcade, we have other no-cost resources to help you in your AI learning journey. This foundational-level training content will help you get ready for the technical upskilling found in The Arcade. Read on to learn about the ways you can be prepared and stand out to potential employers.

Gen AI in The Arcade this month: prompt engineering

In October, The Arcade’s gen AI game is focused on prompt engineering, to teach you to fine-tune your text prompts to get the most out of Google Cloud’s gen AI tools.

These games are geared towards developers, cloud enthusiasts, and AI/ML engineers, you’ll complete a set of labs to gain a deeper understanding of how to create meaningful prompts.

Head over to The Arcade to begin the gen AI game, and continue to play other games and complete trivia to hone your cloud skills in upcoming months. There is no cost to complete games, no matter how many you play.

Learn additional foundational cloud skills at no-cost

In addition to the monthly gen AI games, The Arcade offers introductory and more advanced games based on labs to help improve your cloud skills. These are no-cost, with different topics featured each month.

In October, play The Arcade to learn about data analysis and serverless technology — no prior experience needed. You can also try your hand at security and monitoring to learn about Google Cloud’s security tools and techniques.

How to play games in The Arcade

This is how it works:

  • Sign up for The Arcade to activate your account, and join Google Cloud Skills Boost if you’re not already registered.
  • Start the games anytime during the given month.
  • Finish the games before they close, typically at the end of the given month.
  • Complete the labs and skill badges that are part of the games to earn points. You’ll also earn badges to share on your Google Developer Profile to enhance your resumé.
  • Accumulate points to use in the Prize Counter to claim Google Cloud swag!
  • Need help solving a game? Check out the Google Cloud Community to collaborate with peers.

Earn more points for more swag

Since we feature new games each month, you accumulate points over time to redeem prizes from the Prize Counter; keep an eye on your email for The Arcade Insider about upcoming Prize Counter dates. The Prize Counter usually opens twice per year, with the next time scheduled for December.

You can also participate in our weekly Trivia Challenge for a chance to earn points while testing your knowledge. This is a look at how your points will tally:


More points means more prizes, so play as often as you can. Previous swag has included hats, mugs, pens, and more.

Want a chance for even more points? Seasonal campaigns offer unique challenges that can multiply your points. The Arcade Insider and the Learning & Certification Hub in the Google Cloud Community are the best ways to stay informed.

Other no-cost ways to learn about gen AI

#LearnGenerativeAI VIDEO SERIES

If you are just getting started with gen AI and want to learn the basics, check out this video series to understand the technology and how to use it — all in 60 second bites or less. You’ll also meet some of the people behind the products from Google. For a quick learning experience, watch here now.


This no-cost foundational course gets into the details of gen AI and takes about 45 minutes to complete. You’ll learn what gen AI is, how to use it, how it’s different from machine learning, and about Google Cloud tools that you can use to develop your own apps. Get started here.


This no-cost learning path includes four courses, and you will earn a skill badge upon completion for your Google Developer Profile and resumé to validate your knowledge. You’ll get an introduction to gen AI, large language models, responsible AI, and how to apply AI principals with Google Cloud. Begin here.

Join us in The Arcade

The training opportunities above are a foundation to get you prepared for the technical labs in The Arcade. Together, this training can help you enhance your knowledge to prepare and position yourself as a candidate to help meet the skills for in-demand gen AI roles. When you're ready, head over to The Arcade to get started on building those technical skills!

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