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KDDI to drive XR and virtual artist innovation on Google Cloud

April 27, 2023
Hassan Sipra

Director of Engineering, Google Cloud

Katsuhiro Kozuki

General Manager, XR Development Department, KDDI CORPORATION

5G has broadened the way we use data and technology, allowing for greater self-expression through digital art. As a result, more immersive virtual entertainment experiences are being created and delivered through mobile devices. This self-expression also enables communication service providers to explore new monetization models.

To that end, KDDI worked with Google Cloud’s Immersive Stream for XR product to create high-definition virtual entertainment experiences. Immersive Stream for XR allows users to engage in an immersive, interactive, and photorealistic experience, without downloading an app so they can immediately engage with content on any device.

This new experience is developed by KDDI’s 5G and Metaverse Web3 service, "αU”, in collaboration with Google Cloud, and leverages content distribution platforms like YouTube.

Building new use-cases and a sophisticated XR experience with Google Cloud technology 

The implementation of these technologies will promote further collaboration between KDDI and Google's technical teams in the future. Together, we aim to create use cases that lead to innovation and new consumption and experience behaviors, such as the realization of the Metaverse Web3 service "αU”, a world where anyone can become a creator. This will open doors for the fashion commerce industry.


Creating opportunities for virtual artists on YouTube

KDDI will also work with YouTube to create new opportunities for virtual artists. For example, virtual artists can plan and hold live music events in collaboration with YouTube. Such collaborations will increase the awareness of virtual artists and create opportunities for more people to experience VR. We want to create a new music culture for the future, by utilizing the technologies of both companies.


KDDI and Google Cloud will further strengthen collaboration through a comprehensive system for promoting new businesses using XR.

KDDI and Google Cloud apparel DX initiatives

In May 2022, KDDI leveraged Google Cloud Immersive Stream for XR to develop a high-definition XR mannequin for apparel sales. This allows shoppers to browse products modeled by a virtual avatar from any angle, at digital interactive screens in stores, and on their personal smartphones. Even without the actual products in store, retailers could provide customers with the full experience, as if the actual product were in front of them.


You can get more details on how to create your next immersive experience here.

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