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How Amdocs is revolutionizing telecom customer experience with AI

June 18, 2024
Naresh Rao

Head of Telco Data Analytics Partnerships and Solutions, Google Cloud

Shanky Ram

Principal Architect, Telecommunications, Google Cloud

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In our connected world, consumers and businesses are relying on the communications industry more than ever. It’s not just digital businesses and digital transformation — the swell of AI products and services are all transmitted over the networks of communications services providers, too. 

To keep up, CSPs must themselves turn to AI offerings to evolve into true digital service providers. 

Amdocs has long been a leader in cloud-native, open and dynamic products for networking and data solutions. To help CSPs meet the AI moment, Amdocs is partnering with Google Cloud to deliver new, responsive, scalable, automated AI services across their platforms.

Amdocs’ AI & Data Platform now leverages Google Cloud’s advanced data capabilities to unify real-time data collection from disparate sources and transform it into standardized, easy-to-use business insights. This new platform enables CSPs to enhance customer experiences and optimize operational efficiency, while providing a cost-effective, scalable solution to stay competitive and drive significant improvements in their operations and revenue performance.

Benefits of the Amdocs and Google Cloud Partnership

The partnership between Amdocs and Google Cloud brings a range of significant benefits:

  • Standardized business model: The Amdocs platform improves data consistency, governance, and analytics by providing a standardized business model. This ensures that all data is uniform and reliable, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency for customers.

  • Scalability: The combined scale of the Amdocs platform and Google BigQuery allows customers to process large volumes of data without manual scaling operations. This ensures seamless growth and adaptability, enabling businesses to handle increasing data demands efficiently.

  • Integration with other data assets and tools: The platform allows organizations to integrate Amdocs Logical Data Model on BigQuery. This maximizes existing investments in tools and processes, ensuring a cohesive and cost-effective data management strategy that enhances overall productivity.

  • Data Insights and Analytics: Equipped with pre-integrated analytical capabilities, the Amdocs platform is designed specifically for the telecom industry. It leverages advanced Google Cloud services, such as BigQuery for real-time streaming analytics, to uncover valuable insights, identify trends, and drive innovation. BigQuery is Google Cloud’s market leading fully managed, AI-ready data analytics platform that helps telecommunications service providers maximize value from their data. This empowers customers to make data-driven decisions that can lead to improved services and competitive advantage.

Accelerating business value with industry aligned insights

Amdocs' Data and AI solutions on Google Cloud significantly accelerate business value by enhancing data management and application agility. Amdocs' platform offers robust data collection capabilities across multi-vendor and multi-domain environments, ensuring centralization and governance. 

This cloud-based approach incorporates a data mesh architecture and provides a unified, organized, and consistently updated view of customer data and related transactional information. By leveraging the Amdocs Logical Data Model (aLDM), businesses benefit from standardized data taxonomy, which simplifies data governance and enhances security. This enables enterprises to efficiently manage their data assets while maintaining the highest security standards, ensuring compliance and protecting sensitive information.

The aLDM standardization drives application agility, catering to both business and operational needs. Amdocs' platform is designed to handle real-time and non-real-time data requirements, supporting seamless data streaming from any Business Support Systems (BSS), Operational Support Systems (OSS), or network sources. This capability is crucial in meeting the demands of modern businesses, where customers expect real-time interactions and instantaneous responses. 

The intuitive and standardized business taxonomy incorporated in the platform facilitates efficient data representation and usage, enhancing both operational and analytical data layers. As a cloud-native, SaaS-based data platform, Amdocs provides enterprise-grade security and scalability, ensuring that businesses can adapt to changing needs and continue to deliver exceptional value to their customers.

Deployed on Google Clouds’ market leading AI ready Platform

As CSPs recognize the immense potential of combining data and AI to enhance their business operations, integrating AI models, including gen AI foundation models, with business data provides a strong foundation for creating a competitive advantage. Leveraging generative AI, CSPs can unlock new insights and automate complex processes, from customer service interactions to network operations/optimization. By utilizing robust data management practices and adhering to industry standards, CSPs can scale their AI initiatives effectively, driving innovation and operational excellence. 

The Amdocs AI & Data Platform utilizes the Google Cloud Architecture Framework to create a layered and service-based architecture. By leveraging best practices for operational excellence, reliability, cost optimization, performance optimization, security, privacy, and compliance, it enables CSPs to process and activate their data to generate the timely insights they need to achieve these objectives.     

The following simplified architecture highlights how the joint solution collects, transforms, and makes data available on BigQuery, ultimately empowering CSPs with valuable insights.


The Amdocs AI & Data Platform built on the BigQuery Data Store fully supports data lifecycle management as follows:

  • Authoring and schema management: Integrates Amdocs Logical Data Model (aLDM) with BigQuery schema for consistency, version control, and validation processes to ensure schema accuracy and build on flexible data models extensible to meet the needs of various source/target systems as needed.

  • Data streaming at scale: Streams data at scale by leveraging BigQuery APIs, offering strongly typed, schema-driven data interface; Kafka integration that’s reliable and cost-effective; and optimal scalability with large data volumes by leveraging BigQuery storage API.

  • Operability: Monitoring, alerts, data recovery, & error handling features.

  • Security: Data protection frameworks & role-based access control (RBAC).

  • Storage: Serves as the central data warehouse, storing both raw and transformed data for analysis.

  • Machine learning-ready: Transformed data is readily available for use in training and running machine learning models.

  • Business intelligence: Powerful SQL capabilities and integration with tools like Looker, Grafana, and Power BI enable analysts to derive insights and create reports.

Getting the most out of your data

As CSPs look to leverage the transformative potential of integrated data solutions, the Amdocs and Google Cloud partnership highlights the importance of strong collaborations, empowering them to transform complex data into clear, actionable, industry-aligned insights that drive significant value. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, CSPs who can successfully harness these capabilities to achieve their business vision, will be well-positioned and ensure they maintain their competitive edge.

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