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Supporting the next generation of startups

November 12, 2020
Ryan Kiskis

Director, Startup Ecosystem, Google Cloud

At Google Cloud, we’re committed to helping organizations at every stage of their journey build with cloud technology, infrastructure, and solutions. For startups, the cloud provides a critical foundation for the future, and can help early-stage businesses not only spin up key services quickly, but also prepare for the bursts of growth they will experience along the journey.

Supporting innovative startup businesses is a part of Google’s DNA, and I am excited to join Google Cloud to help every startup—from the earliest days of product-market fit to mature companies with multiple funding rounds under their belts—tap into Google Cloud’s unique capabilities. I’ve spent much of my career in the startup ecosystem, including as a founder and early team member at several successful startups, and I’m thrilled to join Google Cloud to help startups take advantage of Google Cloud’s capabilities. 

We believe that our products and technology offer startups incredibly strong value, ease-of-use, and reliability. And our AI/ML capabilities, analytics, and collaboration tools have become critical tools for helping startups grow and succeed. My role is to help ensure we match the resources and support of Google Cloud to the right startups, at the right time in their journeys. 

With that in mind, I want to share more about our vision for helping startups and founders build the next generation of technology businesses on Google Cloud. We’re excited to roll out several new priorities for our startups program in 2021, including: 

  • Continuing our support for all early-stage startups, with new offerings specific to their stage to ensure they can get up and running quickly with Google Cloud.

  • Enabling our teams to engage more deeply with select high potential startups and their associated investors, to ensure we’re providing a better overall experience, including hands-on help with Google Cloud products, expertise, and support.

  • More closely aligning our offerings to the stage of a startup’s growth, including helping to connect founders and their teams with the resources that will have the biggest impact depending on the stage of their journey.

  • Expanding resources and support to later-stage startups, including support from our sales and partner teams, increased access to Google Cloud credits, free Google Workspace accounts, go-to-market support, training and workshops, and mentorship from Googlers.

  • Continuing to focus on diversity and inclusion internally and across the broader startup community, including our work with the Black Founders Fund, Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders, and other initiatives.

To date, we’ve supported thousands of startups around the world grow their businesses with Google Cloud, such as:

  • Sesame, a startup focused on simplifying how patients receive healthcare, which used Google Cloud to ramp up its capacity for telehealth during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Sesame was able to dramatically expand its platform, ultimately scaling to help patients in 35 U.S. states see a doctor, virtually.

  • MyCujoo, a business launched in The Netherlands, which provides a scalable platform for live streaming football competitions around the world, at all levels. The team at MyCujoo is using Google Cloud to power its video and community platform.

  • doc.ai, which has developed a digital health platform that leverages cloud AI and ML capabilities to help users develop personal health insights and predictive models and get a precise view of their health.

I’m tremendously excited about the opportunity we have to support the next generation of high-growth companies through our program for startups, and look forward to supporting visionary founders and teams around the world.

To learn more and to sign up to join us at cloud.google.com/startups.

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