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Leading generative AI startups choose Google Cloud to innovate and scale

August 29, 2023
James Lee

General Manager, Startups and AI

Google has a long history of supporting and powering innovation from startups, and the rise of generative AI has created a tremendous opportunity for these startups to bring new value to businesses through new models, solutions, and applications. Increasingly, they’re doing so on Google Cloud.

Today, our AI-optimized infrastructure is the platform of choice for startups building gen AI. More than half of all funded gen AI startups are Google Cloud customers, including 70% of gen AI “unicorns,” or those valued at more than $1 billion. 

Startups like Bending Spoons, Faraday, Jasper, Replit, and Typeface are helping people utilize gen AI in many of their everyday tasks at work. Important AI tooling applications from Aible, Anyscale, GitLab, Gretel, Labelbox, Snorkel AI, and Weights & Biases are available on Google Cloud to help others build their own gen AI experiences. And important model-builders and researchers like AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Character.AI, Cohere, Midjourney, and Osmo are training and developing models utilizing Google Cloud infrastructure, GPUs and TPUs.

But it’s still the early days of gen AI, and at Google Cloud Next, we’re excited to announce new and expanded partnerships with many of the most innovative startups working on gen AI today. For example, AI21 Labs will begin offering its gen AI capabilities to BigQuery users, we’re pre-announcing the availability of Anthropic’s Claude 2 model in Vertex AI’s Model Garden, and Contextual just announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to build and train its LLMs for enterprises.

In addition, we’re excited to highlight a new group of fast-growing startups who have chosen Google Cloud to develop gen AI and bring their products to market:

  • Connected-Stories, a startup based in Italy, has developed a creative content management platform that helps marketers generate bespoke advertising content with AI. Connected-Stories is now running its platform on Google Cloud to enable rapid scaling, and powering its content creation engine with powerful gen AI models via Vertex AI.

  • CoRover, a gen AI startup in India, has developed BharatGPT, a conversational AI platform supporting more than 18 Indian languages. CoRover now runs its BharatGPT on Google Cloud and utilizes LLMs via Vertex AI.  

  • Elemental Cognition (EC.ai), a venture-backed AI-native platform startup, has named Google Cloud as the strategic cloud provider underpinning its extensive portfolio of AI-powered SaaS solutions. EC.ai now uses Google Cloud’s foundation models via Vertex AI to bring new gen AI-powered solutions to industries including healthcare, financial services, travel, education, and the public sector.

  • ElevenLabs is a fast-moving startup building text-to-speech, lifelike voiceover and AI-dubbing capabilities using gen AI. The ElevenLabs team is now using GPUs on Google Cloud, and services like Google Kubernetes Engine, to build, train, and scale its AI products.

  • Fiddler provides AI observability solutions that help practitioners monitor, explain, analyze, and improve their ML models. Fiddler has named Google Cloud as their cloud provider of choice, and they are bringing their solution to market on Google Cloud Marketplace.

  • Fireworks.ai helps organizations build and experiment with LLMs, cost-effectively and securely. To help scale its product to more businesses and ensure the best possible performance, Fireworks.ai is now migrating its platform to Google Cloud infrastructure as its preferred cloud partner.

  • Promptly is a no-code AI platform for businesses that enables people to quickly build gen AI applications and chatbots trained on proprietary or publicly available data. Promptly now runs their platform on Google Cloud and lets users access Google Cloud’s AI models via Vertex AI, so they can bring gen AI into their business operations without the need to become technical experts.

  • Quora has transformed its business with the launch of Poe, a gen AI service that lets people ask questions, get near-instant answers, and have back-and-forth conversations with several AI-powered bots. Quora has partnered closely with Google Cloud and is now using PaLM 2 in Poe, via Vertex AI.

  • Samaya AI provides a platform that helps people search and understand large sets of documents with LLMs. Samaya AI now runs its platform on Google Cloud infrastructure and utilizes AI models via Vertex AI, letting users get fast, helpful answers to complex questions from enormous volumes of information across disparate documents and sources.

  • Synthesized is an early pioneer in high quality, AI-driven synthetic data. Its technology allows organizations to quickly gen production-like data for machine learning and application development. The Synthesized team is now using Google Cloud products including BigQuery and Cloud SQL, and has made its Scientific Data Kit available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

  • Writer, a content generation platform powered by gen AI and built for enterprises, now uses Vertex AI across its entire product lifecycle. For instance, Writer’s data is now prepared and processed in Vertex AI, so customers can train models to meet specific business needs. Vertex AI’s monitoring tools provide oversight of the efficiency and functionality of Writer’s LLM, so the team can quickly detect and resolve issues. This enables Writer to help enterprises embed gen AI into any business process to deliver high-quality outputs and insights.

Earlier this year, we also launched Google Cloud’s first-ever Accelerator program for gen AI startups. Twelve promising startups were selected to participate in the program, which consisted of a 10-week series of technical and go-to-market workshops, mentorship, and leadership development training. 

In addition, our Google for Startups Cloud Program now provides up to $350,000 USD in cloud credits over two years, so gen AI startups can access the compute and infrastructure they need to build and scale quickly, as well as even more mentorship and go-to-market resources to help refine their business plans and reach customers.

We’re proud that Google Cloud underpins much of the gen AI innovation coming from fast-growing startups. Be sure to visit our dedicated Startup Lounge at Next ‘23 to see these companies in action as they build new businesses and transform entire industries through the power of AI.

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