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Casper on Google Cloud: A secure and flexible Web3 option for developers

March 13, 2023
Medha Parlikar

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Casper Labs

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Casper Labs announced a collaboration with Google Cloud that will allow developers to launch public and/or private Casper nodes directly from Google Cloud. This enables a much more seamless and highly secure process for the millions of developers who want to build in blockchain environments without having to learn new, highly specialized programming languages. Additionally, Google Cloud will provide its scalable and reliable infrastructure to developers building on the Casper Protocol. 

Blockchain technology is maturing 

As blockchain technology matures, a growing number of businesses are embracing it as a key way to drive new efficiencies and realize cost savings. 

According to a recent Casper Labs study, 87% of executives polled in the United States, United Kingdom and China reported plans to invest in a blockchain solution in 2023. This is due in no small part due to recent innovations that help organizations overcome the so-called Blockchain Adoption Trilemma, which previously held that it was impossible for any blockchain to be simultaneously a) decentralized, b) scalable, and c) secure.

Thanks to the rise of proof-of-stake blockchains like Casper, new models have emerged that enable a more scalable and secure architecture that no longer forces a compromise on decentralization. 

Another trend facilitating these growing adoption rates is the rise of WebAssembly (WASM) as a baseline technology for newer blockchains, including Casper. WASM (created by W3C) makes application development in blockchain environments far more accessible and interoperable to the millions of developers worldwide who specialize in languages like Java, Javascript, C++ and Rust. Previously, any blockchain-based build required a high degree of specialized developer knowledge, which made it a much more challenging option for most organizations. 

Meet Casper

Casper is a permissionless, decentralized public blockchain based on WASM that was built explicitly to foster enterprise adoption of blockchain technology. Beyond its more accessible model, Casper is the first and only blockchain to offer native upgradable smart contracts. This means that organizations can have the option to securely and consistently update software code even after it is running on Casper. This gives organizations the control and flexibility to use industry best practices, such as continuous deployment and continuous integration, which are already in use in their IT departments. Casper is also highly configurable and allows organizations to support public, private, and/or hybrid deployments. 

Casper is also noteworthy for the presence of Casper Labs, a software development and professional services firm that supports organizations building on the Casper network. Unlike most blockchains that follow a more traditional open-source project, Casper Labs provides around-the-clock support and bespoke software development for enterprise organizations. Recently, Casper Labs helped patent management company IPwe execute the largest-ever blockchain deployment, featuring more than 25 million patents being added as custom NFTs to the Casper Blockchain. 

How to get started with Casper on Google Cloud

Developers who want to start building on Casper can find a comprehensive series of tutorials here.

The Casper Association also recently announced a $25 million grant program to support projects and developers building on Casper. Interested participants can apply here.

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