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Strengthening Federal Cybersecurity: CISA, Zero Trust, and Google Workspace: Exclusive Sessions at Next ‘24

March 25, 2024
Nicolette Stepakoff

Google Workspace Customer Engineering, Google Public Sector

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The Federal IT landscape is undergoing a rapid shift toward stronger cybersecurity, driven by CISA's Zero Trust Maturity Model v2.0. This model offers a roadmap for federal agencies to boost their cyber posture. For government agencies, selecting the right tools to navigate this transformation is paramount. Google Workspace enters the picture with its robust security capabilities, designed to meet the demanding compliance requirements of federal agencies.

CISA's Zero Trust Mandate and the Role of Google Workspace

CISA's Zero Trust Maturity Model emphasizes granular access control, constant verification, and device-agnostic security. Google Workspace embraces this "never trust, always verify" principle with features that:

  • Fortify Identity and Access Management: Context-Aware Access and powerful authentication tools ensure only the right people have access to the right data.
  • Enhance Endpoint Security: Endpoint management and advanced device controls protect sensitive information at every access point.
  • Secure Data Storage and Sharing: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities and granular sharing controls safeguard data while enabling collaboration

Insights from the Google Workspace Zero Trust Security Workshop

The recent Google Workspace Zero Trust Security Workshop offered a valuable deep dive into how Google Workspace can support federal agencies in their Zero Trust journeys. The workshop featured insights from CISA experts on applying Zero Trust principles within the federal landscape. Attendees benefited from the ManTech case study, showcasing a real-world implementation of Zero Trust architecture powered by Google Workspace and Gemini AI. ManTech's shared experience demonstrates the success of the platform in achieving CMMC compliance, offering a valuable blueprint for other agencies. The workshop also included interactive demos, providing IT decision-makers with hands-on experience utilizing Google Workspace's security controls.

Your Zero Trust Playbook

For those who missed the workshop, Google's Workspace Zero trust best practices guide for U.S. public Sector agencies is an invaluable resource for achieving CISA-compliant Zero Trust maturity.

Exclusive Sessions on Federal Cybersecurity and Google Workspace at Google Cloud Next ‘24

The conversation continues at Google Cloud Next ‘24, featuring sessions on:

In the ever-evolving landscape of federal cybersecurity, Google is committed to empowering agencies with innovative solutions. Google Workspace, built on Zero Trust principles, provides the agility and resilience needed to face future challenges. When combined with the broader capabilities of Google Cloud, agencies gain a powerful arsenal to protect sensitive data and achieve their missions. Google's dedication to continuous innovation ensures that federal agencies will always have the cutting-edge tools they need to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

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