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New Google Research Innovators tackle wide range of challenges

July 17, 2023
Nicole DeSantis

Research Marketing Manager, Google Cloud

Now in its third year, the Google Cloud Research Innovators program has invited 37 new participants to work with each other and Google experts to accelerate their most promising projects. The program offers select researchers expanded technical and networking support from Google professionals, access to Google’s latest cloud technologies, and additional Google Cloud research credits. By collaborating across fields, sharing resources, and disseminating knowledge, Research Innovators aim to drive new discoveries and solve problems faster.

This year’s cohort includes researchers in a wide range of fields at North American institutions. They meet once a month with mentors and participate in research conferences and special training days. Here are a few of the Research Innovators solving real-world problems with Google Cloud:

  • Elisa Chen at the University of Chicago uses Vertex AI Vision to develop a model that recognizes faces in illustrations in order to examine race, age, and gender representations in award-winning children’s books in the U.S.

  • Swapneel Mehta at New York University uses Google Cloud’s machine learning and data processing tools to analyze disinformation online.

  • Christopher Weber at the University of Arizona uses BigQuery and Data Studio to analyze voter registration data and visualize political behavior.

  • ​​Guangming Zheng at the University of Maryland develops algorithms to identify cyanobacteria in freshwater lakes through satellite imagery, which can help assess threats to human health and ecosystems.

Previous Research Innovators have already generated scientific breakthroughs and had broad social impact: Tapio Schneider developed a ClimateMachine to simulate cloud cover, Richard Fernandes designed an app to monitor Canada’s leaf canopy, and Christoph Gorgulla accelerated drug discovery for COVID-19 treatments. Some of these innovators are now mentoring this year’s cohort to further advance the program’s goals and pass along its benefits.

If you’re a researcher interested in exploring the benefits of the cloud for your projects, apply here for access to the Google Cloud research credits program in eligible countries. To engage with the latest challenges and solutions in research and technology, sign up for NEXT, Google’s global exhibition of inspiration, innovation, and education in San Francisco August 29-31.

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