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Working with NEC to better serve Japanese enterprises

September 20, 2018
Carolee Gearhart

VP of Worldwide Channel Sales and SMB Sales, Google Cloud

Partners are an integral part of bringing the cloud to enterprise customers, offering businesses knowledgeable, hands-on help, and in many cases, much needed local or regional expertise. Today, we’re excited to announce a new collaboration with NEC Corporation and NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation to help us better reach and serve enterprise customers in Japan.

NEC, along with NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation, is one of the largest and most respected Japanese cloud solution providers. Working together with both NEC groups, we will help Japanese enterprises on their cloud journeys with offerings including:

  • New consulting services to help enterprise customers develop cloud or hybrid solutions with GCP, tailored to their business needs.

  • Migration and implementation support to help enterprises move existing on-premises systems to the cloud.

  • New training and certification programs to accelerate the growth of the community of GCP certified engineers in Japan.

  • New solutions built on GCP to help enterprises modernize processes and move workloads to the cloud.

Our collaboration with NEC is already taking shape. To start, NEC is building new solutions on GCP, targeted to field sales organizations, that can help them better track and leverage customer and prospect data. For instance, they are leveraging the Cloud Speech-to-Text API to build a solution that automates the transcription of data from sales meetings in the cloud. This is just one example of how our work  with NEC is already benefiting our customers.

“We’re very excited to join the Google Cloud ecosystem,” says Mr. Makoto Enomoto, Senior Vice President, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) , NEC Corporation. “Our collaboration will help deliver new business solutions to customers both new and existing, with Google Cloud’s innovative products combined with our strong expertise in enterprise technology. I am confident that together with Google Cloud we will further accelerate customers’ digitization and migration to the cloud.”

We hope this collaboration helps more Japanese enterprises take advantage of the cloud. To learn more, please visit: https://cloud.google.com/partners/

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